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January 7, 2009

How to Get Free Traffic To Your Website by Getting a Fanbase.

I suggest that website owners use their daily life situations and turn them into some kind of lesson pertaining to whatever they’re an expert in.

When people continue to see, listen to, or read your stories you then become one of their favorite sources of “news”. This is how you can develop a following. You see this on youtube’s happyslip, lonelygirl15, and whatthebuck…there’s hundreds of them!! Anyone can model how they do it!!

For example of a great story made from a life lesson, the other day I was speaking to my sister-in-law. She asked me what I do for a living now. I told her I help people with their home businesses–Internet marketing as well as network marketing, etc. This was her reply, “You mean those pyramid thingies?!?!” So I asked, “What’s a pyramid?” She says, “Well, if you don’t know what it is, then you must not be in one, but it’s where the guy at the top makes all the money.” To which I quipped, “Oh, you mean corporate America.” She says, “NO, I’m talking about the SCAMS where the guy at the top makes all the money and the little guys at the bottom do all the work and don’t make any money.” I explained to her that “You won’t find a bigger, more blatant scam than what goes on in Corporate America and you described it perfectly”.

She didn’t like that and she went on to tell me that what I’m doing won’t work and that I should try to find a real job. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I make about 3 times what she does even though I don’t have nearly as much experience in this as she does in her profession. Plus, there’s the fact that I work only a few hours per day, as well as the fact that it’s about 2 in the afternoon and I’m writing this at a bench after eating lunch in a beautiful park on a nice, sunny day and I’m enjoying most of my time with those I love the most, and the least of my time with those I like the least, and she’s doing the exact opposite. AND I NEED TO GO FIND A REAL JOB?!?!

So I immediately took that life lesson and turned it into an article, a blog post, as well as a video. Of course, I then added it to a viral eBook. All in one hour, my work was done that day!! In fact, I should pay that poor woman for helping me. But pride would get in her way of taking the money as a real compensation for value she provided to me, because her mindset about money is all wrong.

Here’s another great way to get your info out, as well as having this as a compelling offer to get people to optin to your autoresponder/email campaign: Reviews and Reports

I love to do reviews of new technology and “free Reports”, etc. I do this quite often when I see new programs out there for network marketing and business opportunities, etc.

For example, I did a review (blog, article as well as video) of the iphone when it first came out and told people how great it was and that I couldn’t live without it. “After all I’m a full time, stay-at-home or work-from-anywhere entrepreneur and having the latest internet news was important.”(Oh, and by the way, if you like the idea of being able to call your own shots, financially, then head on over to (whatever website I’m promoting at that time) and I’d continue with my review.” This is a pretty easy way to get traffic to my site, even if it wasn’t exactly hitting my target market perfectly.

Here’s another easy one…I will research my competition incessantly. When I find the “newest report on MLM Scams”, etc. I’ll do reviews on those types of things, because lots of people are receiving emails with this stuff and they don’t have time to read them. Now I give them a short summary of what the info was about and they know, like and trust me. I’ve shown them that I understand what I’m talking about and now they have the scoop and they didn’t have to take the time to read it…I’m creating a following…by doing what I normally do every day anyway, with the one small extra step of writing the review of that particular ebook or report…which ingrains the info into my head further anyway, which is exactly what I want.

Money in my pocket and info in my brain all in a day’s work…I love this industry!!

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