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Do you write and submit articles online? Have you ever spent long hours trying to submit articles to article websites? Do you not know where to submit articles and look up every free article submission directory you can find? What if I told you that article submission for marketing or any purpose could be a lot easier, and more productive?

What you need is a way to auto submit articles to submit to article directories. Whether you submit business articles, submit Christian articles, submit articles for work from home marketing, or what have you, article submission for internet purposes can be more rewarding if you let article submit software do the work for you.

So what do you look for in article marketing software?

First off, understand there are 3 ways to go about article submitting for marketing. You can do it manually, which takes hours if you are submitting to several article directories. The other drawback to this method is if you limit yourself to a few directories to save time, but in effect you limit your presence as well as links back to your site.

The other methods involve either using article submitter software that you purchase, or use an article submitting service which charges a monthly fee. Both work just as well, but have some limitations.

So what should you look for in article software or submission services?

First, I look for how many directories does it submit to? Only a handful, or 300? You want the most bang for your buck. Article submitter software can potentially be limitless in the number of directories, but a major drawback here is that many times you have to manually load the article directory site and your passwords on setup. That means if you are going to submit to several article submit websites, you will spend a lot of time upfront entering data. Plus, you will have to search for sites to enter as well. The best article submission services already have that taken care of for you. They will tell you they submit to however many sites. You may have to enter a few passwords and register at some of the larger article submission websites, but it won’t be nearly as many as you would have to with software.

Second, do they take the guidelines of the article directory into consideration? Each website is different as to their guidelines on accepting articles. Article submission software usually does not since you are basically entering your article into a program, then uploading it to the article directories. It is up to you to format to the different article directory guidelines. The best article submission websites already have the template in place. You enter your article with resource boxes in text and html formats, and they do the rest. No need to worry.

Third, does the article software or service have an article leveraging feature? What does that mean? If you submit the same article to 300 directories, for purposes of SEO on your website the search engines will index only the 1st page typically, instead of all 300, since they are basically the same page. This is known as duplicate content. How do you get around that? You re-write a good portion of the article, typically 30-50%. However, if you are submitting to 300 sites, there is no way you can re-write that many. Most article software does not have a feature to re-write your article automatically. If so, a lot of times it garbles your article to something unintelligible. The best article submission websites have a feature that will pick certain parts of your articles and allow you to re-word them, then interchange within your original article. You can even see the article variations that they create along with the percent of variation involved. This is leverage at its best, as you can now submit several different articles.

Last, does the article software or website service have a scheduling feature? The best article submission software or services will allow you to schedule when to distribute your articles. Do you want to schedule it for 2 weeks from now? Would you like to enter all of your articles at the beginning of the month and schedule a few per week to go out? Search engines prefer a more natural progression of link building, meaning rather than dumping 300 articles to 300 sites all at once, it looks more “natural” to spread the distribution out over a period of time.

If you can find all of these features to auto submit articles, your article submitting for marketing will be more productive, less time-consuming, and dare I say, fun?

J.Roh has work from home business and submits articles using Submit Your Article

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