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January 18, 2009

SPNbabble – A Micro-Blog for Webmasters Launches in Beta

SPNbabble, a micro-blogging site created for webmasters and site owners to share their tips, insights and expertise regarding any and all webmaster related topics – SEO, Web 2.0, search engine news and trends, web design, site development, marketing, promotion, ecommerce, web resources, linking strategies, etc. – has launched in Beta.

SPNbabble, as the name suggests, is an outgrowth of SiteProNews and is similar to Twitter but more vertical in that it was set up primarily for webmasters and site owners. The site has many of the same features as Twitter and Twitter users should find it easy to use. We hope that SPNbabble will serve as a useful medium for an interchange of ideas and tips.

We look forward to your feedback, particularly your comments on the site’s features and functionality. Speaking of features, here’s a short list:

* Account customization
* Receive message posts via IM, email or web
* Simultaneous posting to Twitter
* Direct messaging

* Message Groups
* Site stickers/badges for your blog or website
* Visualization map
* Automatic Friend Invites

Sign up for an account, invite your friends and send your comments to: