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January 19, 2009

Why Should I Have a Website if So Many Affiliates Say I Don’t Need One?

There are a few skills needed in Internet Marketing that the absence of which is used in exploiting the naiveté of the newcomers to this business. The biggest of these skills in this sense is that of building web pages.

One of the things a newcomer to Internet Marketing wants to avoid the most is the idea of having to put up web pages and maintain them. It sounds intimidating at first and the idea of being able to engage in Direct Selling by means of the Internet is appealing.

And, one of the favorite pieces of copy used by companies that prey on the newcomers inexperience is “You don’t have to have a website!” They know which buttons to push, don’t they?

But look at what we are trying to do as Internet Marketers. We’re engaging in Direct Sales by means of the Internet.

When I was first looking into the idea of affiliate marketing and making money online I liked the idea that “you don’t even have to have a website!” That is a standard piece of sales copy for many products and programs aimed at the newcomer, and, in some cases, it may be true.

But picture this… you advertise an affiliate product and someone hits your link to the product’s sales letter. They may decide to opt in to the sites list builder and/or buy the product right there. You have a commission in your Clickbank account. Mission accomplished. Next!

Do that several times, and that’s the idea, and you have piled up some money.

Good job, but something is missing. You don’t know your customers name, and you don’t know your customers e-mail address. On top of that, your customers don’t know who you are! You aren’t “Building a Business.” You are building an account, if you’re lucky and that’s about it.

Not everybody that lands on a sales page opts-in to the list, but, if it’s done right, many of them do. When you have that list you have a chance to do some real marketing.

Your list will be made up of people who didn’t buy what you were offering, but, they signed up to see what more you might have. There will also be those folks who bought what you were offering and they signed up for the same reasons.

But now you have them in an autoresponder and you can just keep piling them up in there! You can send them information you know they might be interested in based on what sort of product they bought or showed interest in.

That’s targeted marketing of the very best kind.

And that is the reason you need a website. At the very least you need a landing page (very small website) with an opt in offer so YOU can collect the names! (future sales)

You don’t want those names going to someone else. So that is why you need a website.

There are other good reasons to have a website, too, but nothing beats the potential increase in business a list will bring you. A list of your own customers who have been receiving your information for a time and have a familiarity with you.

If you treat your list with respect there is no one easier to sell or more satisfying to deal with.

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