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January 20, 2009

Social Networking Etiquette – 6 Crucial Tips for Quality Online Relationships

Do you know what’s tarnishing social networking etiquette and giving internet and network marketers an appalling reputation? Social networking is perfect for MLM lead generation, but not like this.

How many times have people visited your internet network marketing website purely for the purpose of collecting your email address to ‘counter-pitch’ their home business opportunity?

Or, you get spammed the second you accept a friend request?

Even worse, you get MLM Business Opportunities and affiliate links posted on your wall on first contact (Facebook, etc)?

What do you do? Jump out of your skin with joy, get all excited, rush over to their opportunity and hand over your credit card?

Or, do you reach for the delete button, build up a wall of resistance and make a mental note to ignore all future messages?

If you haven’t earned the right to talk business, you have just shot yourself in the foot.

Stephen R Covey from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People says it best: “Seek first to Understand, then to be Understood.”

No one cares about your opportunity until they know how much you care. (not sure who to give credit for that last statement!:)

Here are 6 important Social Networking Etiquette tips that will help you become a respected internet and network marketing professional, boost your MLM lead generation and build quality online relationships with ease:

1) Relationships first.
Social networking sites are all about establishing quality relationships on a more professional level. Nine times out of ten people will do business with those they know, like, and trust. Learn about that person, check out their website, take time to really see if they are the kind of person you want to connect with anyway.

Building trust comes before giving a sales spiel, and the quality of relationships you build are superior to the quantity of friends you make.

2) Expand your thinking beyond yourself.
Make the change from thinking that you can work your business successfully on your own, and shift toward the mentality that you can accomplish greater things when you work effectively with others.

Don’t limit your outreach and effectiveness as a network marketer.

You are a valued source of resources and contacts.

You have a unique store of connections and life experiences that provide an unlimited wealth of knowledge and opportunities.

Share those with others and draw from the experiences of others as well. Everyone brings unique value to the table.

3) Practice the power of praise.
Praising others brings people to a higher level of energy and awareness. We all thrive on positive reinforcement. Focusing on the strengths of others develops winners and leaders.

Send notes frequently that say:

Thanks for the support. Thanks for your friendship. Thanks for the referral. For the words of encouragement. For the opportunity to learn about your business. For the opportunity to do business with you. For taking the time to….”

Specifically tell people how they influence your life in a positive way. There is much power in praise!

Don’t forget to Wish your friends happy birthday. Facebook makes this real easy with the newsfeed.

4) Give your full attention.
Listening is the heart of communication; don’t view this important tool as simply a matter of not talking. Listening is all about being mentally engaged in what the other person is saying, giving your full attention to create a connection that goes beyond the words being spoken. Listening is where people develop rapport and trust.

Even when there is nothing in it for you, listening and responding accordingly to people will help strengthen those relationships and will reap rewards that will come in the future.

5) Develop a complete profile.
Give people something to establish common ground with; consider putting a summary of your resume or bio on your profile, or list professional associations you’re involved in. Bottom line: make sure you have at least one picture and some common sense background information. It’s important that others see your profile as valuable.

6) Follow them across many social platforms.
Make your friend invites personal by complimenting them on their profile or work found on their sites. When you start building rapport and following them across various social networks, it shows that you are interested in their work.

If you find quality in their published blog posts for example, Stumble, or Digg their content and share them with your network. You begin promoting them and they will likely do the same for you.

Social Networking is the most cost-effective network marketing tool for reaching an endless stream of influential contacts and growing your network marketing business. Daily interactions and forming the habit of building your online web presence will bring results over time.

Make a commitment to yourself and your relationships to put these powerful social networking principles into action and you’ll be attracting a vast number of new team members and business partners.

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