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January 22, 2009

How To Use The Q.S.E. Process To Create And Sell High Priced Programs

How would you like to be able to increase each and every sale by a factor of 10 times to 100 times? As a leader in the field of creating high end programs, an important key is to strategically position yourself among your ideal clients as their only option.

The Q.S.E. Process is an important method to ensure that you are drawing your ideal clients to you. First know, that there are only two ways to compete in the market place: price or value. A friend and client of mine found out the hard way that not competing on price requires some strategic thinking.

Thom who is a personal trainer found it difficult to book clients in the new gym he was training at. He would go around and help potential clients, showing them how to use the equipment properly. In his free time he spent time educating them on a program they should be following after chatting with them on their goals.

Potential clients were very excited to be receiving this attention, especially for free, and were very interested in working with Thom as their trainer. Thom would have his appointment book on him, and would open it up to a blank calendar and tell his clients to choose a time that would be ideal for them. What Thom found is that the excitement that clients had to work with him quickly faded and they began to ‘hum and ha’ when it came to making a commitment. Those who did sign up seldom showed up for their appointments to train with Thom.

Thom wondered why. He had the most personal training education in his gym and work-out enthusiasts were excited about working with him after talking with him for a few minutes and realizing his vast amount of knowledge. However, as soon as he opened his training book their excitement turned to hesitation.

Within some strategic thinking, Thom was able to fill his calendar full within 30 days. What he did is follow the Q.S.E. Process.

First of all, he quickly filled his calendar to provide only a few times that he would be available in the coming week. This appearance of a full calendar NOW had potential clients clamoring for his time and honoring their commitments to showing up. Soon he was not only the busiest trainer in his city, but he began to win awards for bringing in the most business to his gym.

Here is what you need to know about translating the ‘full work out’ appointment book principle into your business. Follow the Q.S.E. Process. It will work for you no matter what, whether you are a struggling entrepreneur or a new entrepreneur. If your desire is to create and sell the most expensive programs in your niche, here is what you must know right now:

You must set up a qualification (Q) process. We are conditioned that anything worth having or accomplishing is intertwined with an application process. Position your value in light of a qualification process that showcases to potential clients that they are selected to work with you. They should see having access to you as a privilege. In this way, you can eliminate all the potential clients who want you to compete on price.

By the way, an interesting fact that I have seen coming from over 1,800 video case studies, is this: the biggest successes with clients have come with those who have invested the most. Why is this? Subconsciously there is a greater buy-in when someone makes a significant investment. It is interesting to note too that most people who want to invest in your highest end programs will consider you not good enough if you are too cheap. They will think that you really do NOT bring good value to the market place if there is not a significant investment?

Secondly, you must be seen as the standard (S) of your market place. In every discipline today there exists a set of standards that allow for people to speak and communicate properly. For example, when you fill up your car you expect that a gallon of gasoline is the same as a gallon of gasoline in every other state or country. All fields have standards including the fields of Mathematics, Science and Medicine for example. In each of these disciplines a set of standards exist or that discipline cannot exist.

As someone interested in creating and selling high priced programs, there is a strategic way of creating this standardization. This begins with your ability to control the conversation that your would-be clients are having. You must become the person that influences their silent Q&A Session. How do you do this?

This begins by knowing the critical questions that your target market should be asking in order to solve their problems properly. These are not the questions that they think they should be asking, but the ones that they should be asking. The key to being the standard, and to increase your value instantly, is have the fortitude of character to tell your potential clients that before they go with anyone in your industry, here are the critical questions that they should be asking of them. By appearing objective, you in effect position yourself as the standard of your niche market.

By using the Socratic Method of questioning, you provide your target market powerful ‘Ah Ha’ moments. When you are able to begin to influence how clients should be seeing their problems you position yourself strategically as the standard of you industry. Would-be clients will think, “If I have already been educated more profoundly than I have ever been before by merely the questions that I should be asking “imagine what this person is able to do for me!”

Finally, you must be the source of education (E) for your target market. What does this look like? Here are three guidelines. First, you must position your company to out- educate your competitors. This begins by controlling the conversation that they should be having as I have just stated. Your education should involve ‘moving the free line’ so that you can showcase in case study format what you do to solve problems.

Secondly, case studies provide you powerful leverage in building the correct context for delivering your content. It is one thing to teach content. It is quite another to do it in the context of real people who represent your ideal clients.

Thirdly, the most powerful way to educate your target market is to customize your education. As there is currently not another system that I know about that does this, I recommend the use of the Expert Positioner Software to ensure a perfect market-to-message match. Think of the power of delivering education that is perfectly fitted to the problems of your target market.

Filter your content through the Q.S.E. Process in creating and selling your business backend and quickly position what you do away from price and towards value. The quickest way to begin the process is to invert your business funnel to position your highest end programs to those clients are filtered through the Q.S.E. Process.

Do this properly and watch each sale increase by a factor of at least 10X to 100X.

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