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February 2, 2009

Article Marketing: 3 Ways To Turn Your Articles Into Marketing Multi-Taskers

When you’re marketing your website, you’ll soon discover that you’re doing lots of writing. You’re probably doing article marketing (which is a great way to build long term traffic to your website), you might have a blog, and you also might be participating in any number of social media outlets.

Content is what makes the web go round, and when you’re creating pieces that will be seen by people for years and years to come, you want to be sure that the content you’re creating is high quality and something that you can be proud to have your name attached to.

But how do you find the time? How can you write an article here, and a blog post there, and a Squidoo lens there and not get burnt out?

The answer is multi-tasking your marketing content.

This means that pretty much every piece of online content you create can serve multiple purposes, which let’s you get maximum bang for your marketing buck (and effort)!

I’m happy to share with you a few of my trusted content multi-tasking tricks:

1) Turn blog posts into free reprint articles.

This is a favorite of mine–if you have a blog, you have a steady stream of article ideas and outlines at your fingertips.

All you have to do is:

*First off, be certain that your post is “article worthy”. If you’ve got some ‘how-to’ posts or ‘Top Tips’ posts, that’s great. Remember, your article should be educational, so any post that teaches readers how to do something is a perfect candidate.

*Rework the post so that it’s a unique piece of content. Don’t simply submit an article that is an exact replica of your blog post–on your own site you want to have as much unique content as possible, and you want to get credit for that post as being created by you and only published on your site.

Instead, use your blog post as a bouncing off point (sort of like an outline) for your article. I usually use my previous month’s blog posts as outlines for the next month’s articles.

For example, the posts I publish in January will be reworked to be submitted as unique articles in February. That gives me a steady stream of article ideas, and it helps me get double duty out of marketing content.

*Tweak your article so that it conforms to article marketing standards. Unlike blog posts, articles do have word count limits. You’ll need to keep your article between 400-1500 words.

Also, if you’ve made any references to your business or website in your post, you’ll need to leave that part out when writing your article, because free reprint articles don’t contain promotional content.

*Limit your links. The fewer the better really–most article publishers want authors to limit their links in the article body, and many have limits on the number of links they’ll accept. If you can create a link-free article, then that’s great!

2) Turn your articles into a free e-book.

If you’ve got a dozen or two quality articles under your belt, you’re well on your way to creating an e-book.

Also, why not consciously create an outline for an e-book and then write articles based off that outline? Then you can get double duty out of that content–it can be used in article marketing as well as an e-book.

Once you have your e-book assembled, you can then offer it as a lure in your resource box by saying “come to my website to claim your free e-book!”

3) Turn your articles into a newsletter.

If you’re writing enough articles to do article marketing, then you have enough content for a newsletter. A newsletter is a great way to build your list and reach target customers directly, so why not take your well-written helpful article and use it in your own newsletter?

If you need other content to flesh out your newsletter, you can of course choose a few free reprint articles to do the job!

From looking at these suggestions, you can see how one brainstorming session can have a ripple effect on your marketing content. You can also see how one writing session can pay off today, a month from now, and also repeatedly for years to come in various forms and in multiple channels.

Let’s make our lives easier, shall we? It’s time to start getting double (and triple!) duty out of our articles!

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