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February 4, 2009

GoArticles – The Writing is on the Wall

GoArticles was launched back in 2001 and is one of the oldest and most trafficked sites in the Jayde Online network. Currently, the site has more than 1.2 million articles and receives more than 2,300 article submissions daily. But, with traffic and popularity come abuse, specifically in the form of article spam.

We’ve introduced several spam control measures in the past year such as “report article spam” links, automated duplicate article removal and article length guidelines, but the deluge of sub-quality content keeps coming. So, new measures are called for and we’d be interested in receiving feedback from both readers and authors on the quality control measures currently being contemplated :

1. Deletion of all articles under 500 words in length. It’s unlikely much value would be lost even if the minimum word count was raised to 650 words. Has anyone actually learned anything of value from articles where the guidelines posted by the author or distribution service are longer than the article?

2. Much stricter membership criteria. Plagiarism and outright copyright violation are epidemic. Introducing an ID system for authors that goes beyond email verification might go a long way to alleviating these problems. 

Other measures are under consideration as well, but feedback on the two above, along with your perspective on the state of article quality and marketing would be helpful.