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February 10, 2009

5 Reasons To Avoid Twitter, And Why You Should Not

If you are not familiar with Twitter then you are probably not up to speed on social networking. But if you have not decided to create a Twitter account, you are definitely not alone. Many internet marketers are wary of using Twitter for a number of reasons. Here are the top 5.

1. Useless Information.

It is true that many Twitter users update their Twitters with completely useless information. Do you really need to know that someone just finished their second cup of coffee or is leaving the office early for a pedicure? The good news is that if you find that you do not particularly enjoy a person’s tweets, you do not have to continue following them. But do not eliminate this option altogether. One of the most important aspects of Web 2.0 is engaging people in all aspects of their lives, even the mundane stuff. Share yourself, welcome the opportunity to let others share themselves with you, and you will go a long way toward building a loyal customer base. People are much more willing to do business with you if they think you have a vested interest in their needs and thoughts.

2. It is a Waste of My Time.

This is probably the most valid reason of all. But the truth is that many marketers generate traffic and leads when potential customers find them through Twitter. When the content you share is relevant and high-quality, you can drive visitors to your website to learn more. Twitter is simply another tool for online marketing, so do not write it off until you have given it a shot to see what it can do for you. Do some of your own research to discover the multitude of business uses for Twitter and you might just be convinced that It is not a total waste of time after all.

3. It is Time-Consuming.

Like any online endeavor, you can blow a lot of valuable time following your streams and entering your own tweets. But you can salvage some of your time by using RSS feeds to follow relevant conversations. Visit and click on the link to Feed for this query. You can then follow the conversations that are most important and relevant to you and your business. If that is not optimal for you, simply discipline yourself to check only once or twice per day.

4. Twitter Does not Cater to My Customers.

Before you decide that your customers are not on Twitter, look for yourself. Go to Search for the name of your company, the name of your product, and keywords relevant to your business. If you are afraid that your market may be too niche-y for Twitter, remember that your job as a marketer is to find people where they are. If there are a few folks on Twitter within your niche, put yourself there as well.

5. It Could Lead to Bad Press.

Whether you are on Twitter or not, people are still talking about you, and you need to know about it. Even if there is poor feedback on Twitter, you need the opportunity to let folks know that you are aware and that you are going to do something about whatever it is that has disappointed them. If you respond quickly to the concerns of your detractors, you will go a long way towards putting out potentially damaging fires. Thoughtful responses make a huge difference in customer attitudes. Remember that if a critical mass of bloggers pick up on negative press and write about it themselves, things can get out of hand very quickly. On the other hand, you can make a great name for yourself if you address customer concerns promptly and tactfully.

There you have it. No more excuses for avoiding Twitter. Even if you think It is the most ridiculous tool ever invented, you still need to check it out for yourself. Give it some time and see what it can do for you. Explore different applications of this valuable tool and let it help you grow your business.

About the Author: Seomul Evans is an internet Marketing expert with a leading Search Engine Optimization specializing in Top Meta Search Engines and a contributor to Moe’s Online marketing Articles.