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February 17, 2009

How To Promote Your Business On Youtube

Video marketing is a great way to get your business professionally promoted and to attract more people to your offer.

Nowadays there are many video libraries online gathering thousands or even millions of videos uploaded daily by users.

One of the biggest and the most popular video library is YouTube that attracted millions of members sharing their video content.The uploaded material is usually arranged in particular categories making it easier to find.

Among thousands of videos on various categories ranging from comedies, videoclips to movies previews and adverts there is a loads of videos on business subject promoting particular products or giving a free education on business topics.

The question is why the marketers find YouTube so effective to promote their businesses?

The answer is simple. It’s completely free advertisement space. Apart from the eventual costs of creating the video , uploading and storing them on YouTube is completely free.

Yet another fact is that YouTube gathered millions of members from all over the world which can give a huge exposure to the videos promoted.

How to promote your business on YouTube.

1. Create a channel

Opening new Youtube account is free and gives immediate access to all necessary tools making uploading videos easy.

Now it’s time to design the channel which is user’s space that other visitors can visit by clicking user name. The more professional it looks the more attractive it will be off course. Everything is adjustable. Editing channel is quite easy. Adjustments such changing the background color and particular boxes are just a matter of few clicks.

Setting up the channel is important as the better it fits with your business image the better results in general you will get.

For instance uploading your company logo as a background or profile picture and setting up color theme accordingly to your business is a good way to increase your credibility and awareness of what you have to offer.

2. Upload the videos.

The types of business videos that can be found on YouTube are different. While ones are uploading the videos pitching their business directly, the others provide viewers with educational videos giving away free information, lessons and mini courses.

Well why not considering having both of them on YouTube? While videos promoting your business can increase awareness and give straight message about your products, the free education will increase your credibility and authority which can lead you to receive more subscribers to you channel and prospects who will believe in value of the information provided by you and may become customers in the near future.

3. Use the tools

The features provided at the user’s channel are powerful networking tools that can help spread the message about the videos and the business in result.

Among the features such us: sending messages to another users, commenting and ranking the videos there is one really interesting that can give a viral twist to the video distribution.

It’s “Share channel” function that is a kind of friend requester. This one allows to connect the channel with other user’s channels. In result it’s possible to send them the videos to view. This way is good to increase the number of video views which can result in getting new subscribers to the user’s videos.

Another great feature is bulletin post.

This one enables user to post video message that will be visible for all his friends (the other users who the channel is shared with)

Video marketing on you Tube is a great way to get additional source of traffic and increase awareness about promoted business. Uploading videos presenting value frequently and using the networking features available in the channel will spread the word about anykind of product.

About the Author: Daniel Gebura is an experienced online marketer who helps ordinary people build a successful home business. Visit Daniel’s Internet Business Opportunities website for the best home based business ideas and opportunities.