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February 19, 2009

How to Use Squidoo

Squidoo is a free social network that allows people to share their interests, hobbies and passion through the lenses that are free websites every Squidoo member can easily create.

The attractive thing about Squidoo is that it’s completely free to be in and everyone can spread the word about anything he wants using free websites. That’s why thousands of people from all over the world gathered around Squidoo to make the most of it.

So if you’ve never tried Squidoo lenses before now it’s time to do so.

If you are new to this network you will notice that most of people use it to promote various products and to make money from it. This is the most common trend noticeable on Squidoo. Why?

Because Squidoo lenses are perfectly designed to pull in profit from them. They can be easily monetized so you can create a lens about your hobby and occasionally promote some products related to it, in order to generate some sales and make some extra money. Also Squidoo share a monthly revenue between all members, so this way you can easily make some extra cash by creating lenses frequently as well.

So how the perfect lens should look like?

Well there are good lenses and bad lenses. Some Squidoo members create lenses for nothing more than just for selling some products by building a lens on links, banners, pictures and price lists. This is understandable, however it might give completely opposite effect resulting in no sales at all. See, people don’t like to be sold straight away and firing at them with nothing more than sales offers will rather discourage them from purchase.

Good lens requires one more really important thing which is content.

By building your lens on valuable content you will be able to engage visitor who will be glad to find your lens informative and will be more likely to see what you offer in result.

The content for your lens can be easily created in the form of article. So if you have a product to promote you can first write a good quality review of this product, presenting to the visitor the value of it and what kind of problem it can solve. As you know people usually seek for information and they look for solution for particular problems they may have. By giving to the visitor a clear understanding of how your product can help him and placing the links and banners to it after review will move you one step closer to generate a sale from your lens.

Engaging reader with valuable article or review of the product will make him appreciate your knowledge and believe in the value of your offer in result.

So it’s simple as that.

When you apply this principle to your Squidoo lens marketing you will be half way through to success. Another half is spreading the word about your lens. And here is another advantage of Squidoo lenses. They are often indexed by search engines, which means that your lens if constructed properly will drive you free good quality traffic from search engines like Google or Yahoo.

For the purpose of indexing you should insert particular keywords into your lenses. Also you should backlink to your lens from other websites to increase it’s search engines rankings. Another method of spreading the word about your lenses is joining Squidoo groups related to the subject of your lens.

So Squidoo lenses are great and effective way to not only share your passion but also to make money out of it. Always remember that one good quality lens including some valuable content will do much more for you that another one aggressively pitching your business or product.

Daniel Gebura is an experienced network marketer who helps ordinary people build a successful home business. Visit Daniel’s Legitimate Work At Home Jobs website for the best home based business ideas and opportunities.