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February 26, 2009

Use Your Content Creating Skills To Generate Revenue In A New Market

A new market is emerging for up and coming authors, marketers, and business owners that they can utilize to bring more exposure to their products and services. Ever since Amazon created the Kindle, the electronic book reader, it has been growing in popularity. The popularity of the Kindle has especially taken off since Oprah has named it as one of her most favorite things. What does this mean for the author or website owner?

The ease of downloading new ebooks and other electronic publications to the Kindle opens up a market of people who are used to getting it now. This means that a market is available to those who can provide content to hungry Kindle users. Those that know how to exploit this opportunity will be well rewarded for their efforts, not only in getting additional revenue, but also in using another opportunity to brand their business to a part of their target market they may not normally have access to.

Publishing your content to ebooks and making them available on Amazon through the Kindle store is a great way to re-use your original content. Amazon makes it easy to convert your content over into a format that can be published through their Kindle ebook store and read on the Kindle. All you need is a DTP (Digital Text Platform) account on Amazon, and you have access to their ‘Digital Text Platform’ center. If you already have a login on Amazon, you can simply use the same login.

Amazon provides a nice getting started guide that takes you step by step from the beginning to the to publishing your content. The step-by-step guide is only 9 pages long so the whole process isn’t really long and complicated. If you require additional support, you can access their online forums where, chances are, someone has already asked the question you are struggling with.

During the process of uploading and converting your content, you will need to determine the price that you want to sell your content for. You can sell your information-based product anywhere from 99 cents to 200 dollars. The price that you choose for your product will depend upon what purpose you are using your product for. If you want to publish your content to brand yourself and as a means of growing your customer list, then you should set the price of your Kindle book a lower price. If you are publishing your information product to generate income, then you should set a higher price. The most common price for Kindle ebooks is around $10.

There is a whole strategy for publishing your content in the Kindle bookstore that includes everything from what to name your product to how to categorize it and describe it, to what kind of ebooks are popular in the Kindle bookstore, and more. Before you decide what kind of content to create a Kindle ebook from, you should educate yourself with a strategy that will increase your chances of being a successful Kindle ebook publisher. Fortunately, there are a few ebooks available that focus on the marketing aspect of Kindle bookstore publishing. Use one of these books as a reference so the whole process of Kindle publishing will be much easier.

B. Hopkins writes reviews for different Internet Marketing related products and services. To read more about resources that will help you publish your content for the Amazon Kindle go to this Kindle Product Review.