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March 4, 2009

Where To Find All The Great Blogging Tutorials

The art of blogging has allowed all of us to become virtual superstars. Blogs serve a multitude of purposes and the opportunities provided by great blogs can open doors for employment opportunities, new love and as ways to get our causes into the public eye. But before you begin your blogging journey, there are some great resources in the form of blogging tutorials that can certainly pave the path.

A quick internet search is enough to send even the most seasoned blogger into hiding. There’s simply an overload of information available. The trick is finding the legitimate and beneficial blogging tutorials and leaving the rest behind. Wouldn’t it be great if there was one site, sort of a gatekeeper, which held the best blogging tutorials as well as their links? Where are the best graphic layouts? How do you locate a hosting company, or for that matter, how do you define a hosting company? What’s a grid and how is it used? Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Rest easy because there is such a site, several actually, that can not only answer your questions but can provide invaluable resources to further complement your blogging tutorial experience. Look no further than .

If you’re writing your blogs within Word, Microsoft’s blogging tutorial, found here, can help users eliminate many of the additional steps other host sites require. Its streamlined procedures can alleviate headaches associated with ensuring hyperlinks and codes are accurate while allowing the user to incorporate some of Word’s best features.

Still another excellent resource for blogging tutorials is found at This is a site that has a lot of traffic from those just breaking into the blogging society. It’s an easy read with blogging tutorials that won’t overwhelm the reader. It covers everything from marketing to setting up your blog to make a little money in the process. There’s also a section where users can familiarize themselves with the blogging lingo and even ways to upload the various media formats such as pictures, music and videos.

For those looking for more business-oriented blogs, take a tour through the Business Blogging Tips site, found at Blogging tutorials, coaches and tried and true methods are plentiful here for those who’ve made blogging their business. This is yet another site that has a big following and has been around the block long enough to ensure its legitimacy. While you’re there, polish up your media networking skills to further propel your business blog.

And we haven’t forgotten Google. Its blog site, located at, is another great area that’s full of information, widgets, design, colors and even interactive maps. In true Google tradition, the goal is to simplify the effort while making it look like a true work of art.

The Granddaddy of Blogging

WordPress has become as common a term as iced coffee. Many folks, even those who swore by their host sites for years, have come to appreciate WordPress and have transferred their own blogs to this jewel of the internet. But as with everything new, there is the expected learning curve. A great place to locate blogging site tutorials is There are also some interesting articles on why WordPress is the preferred blog hosting site.

For those looking for themes, including colors, fonts and layouts, be sure to check out the blogging tutorial found at This is one of the most referenced WordPress how-to sites available. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to mention WordPress without inclusion of the word, “codex”. These codes are the foundation for all WordPress blogs. A great blog tutorial on these codes can be found at

Clearly, blogs won’t be going away anytime in the near future. We can easily incorporate blogs into our every day lives as a great way to connect with friends and family, share recipes and pictures or even earn some money on the side. A clear understanding of how they work is the first step to setting up the perfect blog.

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