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March 10, 2009

Surefire Ways to Make Your Content Viral

One of the best ways to drive massive traffic to your site in a short period of time is through the creation of viral content or linkbait. Linkbait is created with the sole purpose of driving more traffic to your website through links and bookmarks.

Content that is successful in this regard typically does not have any indication of being linkbait. You need to make sure that your content is very useful to readers and that it is not an obvious attempt at creating linkbait. The moment that a visitor comes to your site, they must be able to see the value that your content provides for them.

Keep it Simple

If you want to make a particular piece of content viral, keep it simple. The key is to attract a general audience. Many visitors write off articles that are overly complex. Keep it easy to swallow and understand to increase your chances of creating linkbait.

Encourage People to Share and Distribute the Content

If you have a killer piece of content, encourage people to submit it to social media sites. You can also go ahead and add buttons for social media sites to make it easier for them to submit it. For images and videos, you can provide an HTML code that will allow them to embed the item into their own sites. You can also provide an email form that allows users to email the content to their friends and family.

Keep with what’s New in Pop Culture

Make sure the content is timely and trendy for a greater chance of success at making it linkbait. Topical content is the most popular and works the best as linkbait. Try to stick with topics that are new and relevant to current pop culture so that more people are likely to find your content interesting and fresh.

Ask for the Visitor’s Email

It’s a good idea to offer an email opt-in newsletter or some other subscription service anytime you have viral content. This will help to get those new visitors to become regular visitors to your site because you can stay in touch with them long after the hype is gone. By getting new subscribers, you can make the most of all of the new traffic that is coming to your website.

Use Images

Images are very effective as linkbait because they cross language barriers and can be digested by everyone. Some people don’t like to read long articles and are attracted to content simply for its visual appeal.
Some things you can do to make the most out of the traffic you receive with viral content are to display the products or services you offer on a sidebar to make all visitors aware of them and to link to another one of your compelling pieces of content at the end so visitors are directed to yet another one of your articles, images or videos.

In conclusion, there are a number of factors that will determine how successful your content can be as linkbait. It’s important to try a hand at every one of these tactics until you figure out a formula that works for you in the creation of viral linkbait.

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