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March 13, 2009

Older Generation Keeps Pace with Tech Changes

According to a study by the TNS Compete and the Consumer Electronics Association, Americans who are 50+ years old currently comprise 31% of the US population and will make up 35% of the total population in 10 years, or roughly 119 million people by 2020. Although older Americans  have different interests than the younger generation, their usage of, and interest in, cellphones, laptops, HDTV’s and the internet is at or near comparable to younger age segments.  

Detailed stats can be found at:

Some of the more interesting points noted in the study and highlighted in the Mediapost blog are as follows:

Internet Usage:
    * 78% of 50-54 year olds are online
    * 45% of 70-75 year olds are online

Cellphone Usage on a Weekly basis:
    * 80% of those in their 60’s – nearly equal to
      the usage rates of 18-34 year olds
    * 67% of those in their 70’s

Technology Frustration:
    * 24% of 18-49 year olds
    * 37% of 60 year olds

Search Engine Usage in the Past Week:
    * 77% of those in their 50’s
    * 71% of of those in their 60’s
    * 52% of of those in their 70’s
    * 77% of 18-34 year olds

Social Networking in the Past Week:
    * 20% of of those in their 50’s

Online Videos Seen in Past Week:
    * 24% of of those in their 70’s

It appears that the rapid changes in the online and tech worlds appeal to all segments of society.