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March 17, 2009

Google Adsense Income: The Three Keys

Many people put together numerous (even hundreds) of niche websites to make Google Adsense income. You may have heard that a good target is earning $1/day from each web site, and you may have wondered if this is possible. Yes, it is, if you understand the three keys to Google Adsense income: click-through rate, earnings per click, and traffic.

You can improve the Adsense click-through rate by modifying your web site design. Observe which changes increase or decrease the Adsense click-through rate. It may sound funny, but you want a site that is good enough that it gets indexed by search engines and attracts visitors, but that is incomplete enough so that people want to leave in search of something more. And you want all of the obvious exit links to be Adsense ad links that seem to offer people what they are looking for.

Earnings per click depend on getting the content on a page (especially targeted keywords) to trigger Adsense ads that many advertisers are bidding on. One keyword might only make you $0.05 per click. Another keyword might make you several dollars per click. You want to target your page content around keywords that have many advertisers competing.

This is actually the opposite of what you want for search engine optimization. In general, you will be able to rank higher in the search engines for keywords with less competition. So how do you do this without destroying your search engine rankings? The secret is called “long tail” keywords.

Long tail keywords are longer keyword phrases that have searches yet have little competition in the search engine results. Be sure the phrases contain keywords that have high advertising competition. Google makes their money from advertising, so they will display the highest price ads that match the content on the page. But since you made sure you have one of the few pages targeted for the long-tail keyword phrase, you should also be able to rank well in the search engine results for the long tail phrase.

Once you improve your click-through rate and your earnings per click, it’s simply a matter of increasing traffic to your site. Getting traffic generally takes the most effort, in my experience. Basically, there are two ways to get traffic: You can buy advertising or you can get traffic through links and search engine results.

You could easily get traffic by buying Adwords ads. But it isn’t always easy to make more income than you spend on advertising. For an Adsense site, that generally means that you cannot profitably advertise it, so you need to get it listed in the search engines and get as many links as possible with a reasonable amount of effort. The two easiest ways to achieve this currently are article marketing and social networking.

Article marketing, sometimes called “bum marketing,” is pretty simple. You write one or more short articles (about 500 words or so) and submit them to article directories on the Web. You get to include an author’s resource box that links to your site at the end of the article. There are even services such as iSnare or Article Marketer that will submit your article to hundreds of article directories for you.

The more articles you do for a given site, the more links and traffic you get and the higher you get in search engine results. And you can get article ideas from anywhere. For example, this article started out as a response to one of my customers about how to do this. Since it was a long response, it was logical to also turn it into an article and publish it!

In social networking, you get your link on various social networking sites. Be sure to look through each site first and see what other people are doing and fit in with the community. Social networking sites have their own community rules, and you don’t want to get banned for spam.

These techniques will usually get your website indexed by the search engines within days. You will also get traffic from them, so don’t just do it for links, do it for traffic also.

Now that you know the three keys to Google Adsense income, click-through rate, earnings per click, and traffic, it’s time to start creating your Adsense empire!

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