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March 23, 2009

Tips for Finding Your Own Profitable Niche

Most of us, and that includes just about anyone who has been online for even a short while seeking to setup their own web business, has heard the phrase “do what you love”. Really, the biggest hurdle and challenges one faces in building a web business is figuring out just what it is we want to get into – your niche.

A “niche” is basically a topic or a market that has enough interest by others that you can develop a site or a product around. Now if this is your first attempt at developing your own website or online business and you don’t really know what it is you want to do then you may want to follow the tips below.

There are of course many other basic challenges that anyone wanting to set up their own online business must also consider:

  • deciding on a domain name
  • hosting account
  • setting up a website
  • adding content regularly
  • automating as much as possible
  • list building
  • marketing, promotion and traffic just to name a few

But none of that really comes into play unless you have decided exactly what it is you want your website to be about.

For some people doing what they love comes easy to them but for many others it’s a struggle trying to find out exactly what they like to do that translates into a web business. Here are a few things to think about to help you find your own niche that you will feel fits you best.

The first thing I recommend is that you do some brain storming about your personal likes and dislikes. Find a quite spot somewhere, such as your easy chair or anywhere that works for you, as long as you can limit the distractions and let your thoughts flow. Have a pen and paper handy to write down any thing that comes to mind that could be a niche you would enjoy.

Write down 6-12 ideas that come to mind. If your having problems coming up with ideas it may take a little more time. You can also do this over the course of a week or longer if necessary. After you have your topics written down then get online and do a keyword search to find out how many searches are done for the topic your interested in.

Keep in mind some of your topics will have a good amount of searches while others will show little or none. You may have to dig down through the initial keywords to find a niche that suits you. After you have drilled down to find your ideal niche then you will want to give some thought as to how you can serve this niche before you actually set up your website. Can you solve a pressing problem? Provide a useful product? You can generally find what people are looking for by finding and reading forum posts about your niche.

Pick a keyword from your selected niche that seems to suit you and go to Google and do a search for it. Take a look at the top right of the page and see how many web pages there are about this keyword. If it’s 5 figures or less then I’d say you have a pretty good niche idea to either set up a mini-site or full blown content site and then optimize it to obtain a top 10 ranking. If your going to develop a full content based site keep your keyword list as you can use it to create content such as articles, RSS feeds, videos, etc. Using the tips above you should easily be able to come up with a niche of your own in a relatively short time.

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