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March 24, 2009

How To Kick-Start Your Article Marketing Strategy Into High Gear

Have you realized the importance of article marketing and know you need to create articles to begin your article marketing efforts? I have surveyed hundreds of people and for those of them that feel there is a barrier to their article marketing efforts, it usually comes down to not knowing what to write about, not knowing how to write an article, not having the time and not liking the whole article writing process to begin with. If you know article marketing is going to be very powerful for you and you know that you may have some trouble starting it for yourself because it is too overwhelming to even go there, you can begin by buying unique articles. I’m not talking about buying the same private label articles that hundreds of people have already purchased before. If you are going to use private label articles, using them to drive traffic to your website, will be a waste of money because chances are, that same article is already out there 1000 times over and you won’t be getting much response from them. Private label articles have their uses, but driving traffic to your website by submitting them all over the Internet is not one of those uses.

The kinds of articles you want to buy are unique articles that are written to connect with your target audience, and have the proper keyword phrases in them. When you use your own unique articles to promote your product or service, you are saying to the world that you value and take the time to serve your clients and customers. Most communication isn’t about what you SAY; it is about what you DO. It is important to serve your clients and customers from your heart, instead of just giving them anything anyone else can give them because all you are interested in is getting their dollars. Marketing your business with unique articles is a good way to show them you care about serving your target market.

You can get your articles from a number of different sources, and each source will have different plusses and minuses and well as different levels of expenses.

  1. You can hire a writer directly from a writer’s guild to write your articles. This will probably be the most expensive way to go. You can be pretty sure that you will get a quality product, but it may or may not be written to get the best response from the Internet in terms of article marketing.
  2. You can hire a writer from an online bidding place such as Scriptlance. You are taking somewhat of a gamble here as you can end up with someone writing your articles who doesn’t speak your language well enough to write articles in your language. In order to avoid this problem, you really have to understand how to word your article writing project and be very specific on the quality standards. One thing would be to have them write a sample article and indicate that the person who wrote the sample article is the one who
  3. You can use an online article writing service. These online writing services screen their writers so you can be pretty sure you are getting someone who will write a well written article in the language you require. The more established online writing services have also had time to screen their authors for the quality of their writing (following the instructions from the article requester, creating original content and not just a copy and paste job).

Buying articles is a quick way to begin your article marketing efforts. There are a number of ways to buy your articles, but the most effective way that gives you quality articles at a reasonable price is to use an online article writing service that you or an employee would use. There are a few of them online that charge a reasonable price. Go online and see what is available, or read some reviews on the various article services.

B. Hopkins writes articles and reviews and develops Internet Business Strategies for businesses who want to increase the performance of their website. Go here to read more about an article writing service that can help you get more traffic to your website.