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March 24, 2009

Video Marketing: 3 Free Resources To Take Your Video Marketing Efforts To The Next Level

If you have been using videos to market your business or even considering doing it, this article will show you free resources available online that will allow you to quickly create more videos for your business and market them as well. An estimated 90% of people would rather watch a video, than read. So how about giving people what they are longing for?

Here are 3 resources for you to take advantage of video marketing today:

Free Resource #1: AuthorStream (dot)com

It’s a new service which converts your PowerPoint slide shows to flash media files. Author Stream can be used to host and share your slide shows publicly or privately directly on their website.

But what is more exciting is, the service automatically converts your slideshows to videos that are compatible to Youtube and other popular video sharing sites!

So now you can simply create powerful slideshows in PowerPoint sharing ‘tips’, ‘strategies’ etc. related to your topic, upload them to Authorstream and get them converted to videos. Next upload the videos to Youtube and other video sharing sites (read Free Resource #3 below) enabling you to get more exposure for your topic, website or product you are promoting. Then of course you can use them as any other videos, embedding them to your blog ,web page, your landing page and so on. Using this service you can easily create 3-5 short interesting videos everyday if you wish to.

Free Resource #2: TubeMogul

It’s another free service that you cannot live without if you are into video marketing.

TubeMogul provides a single point interface for deploying uploads to the top video sharing sites like youtube, myspace, revver, veoh etc. What is even greater about this free service is you will be able to measure impact upon your audience since they employ powerful analytics on the who, what, and how videos are being viewed. Not only this allows you to track the performance of your own video across multiple sites, but also those of your competitors.

Last but not least…

Free Resource #3: 101 Youtube Alternative Video Sites

I have saved this excellent resource for you that most people don’t know about. This is a great resource list for marketing your videos through ‘niched’ and less crowded video sharing sites .

When you have spent time and effort to create the videos, why limit yourself to a few video sharing sites only. The more exposure your videos get more effective it becomes in boosting the traffic to your product/website promoted through it. So don’t limit yourself to few video sites only. You can get more targeted audience when you upload the videos to ‘niched’ video sites and the ‘101 Youtube Alternative sites’ is a great resource list to locate them.

So there you have it. Three Free resources to create upload and market your videos!

Now there shouldn’t be any more excuses to get on with your video marketing efforts. Bookmark this article for future reference and get started with video marketing for more business profit.

About the Author: Maujhuri Chkraborty – Do You know you can profit in any niche market by combining video marketing with PLR articles? For details read “Unusual way to make money with PLR and Videos”