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March 26, 2009

SPNb@bble: A Twitter Clone for the Webmaster Community Relaunched

A few months ago we launched a Twitter clone for webmasters that had more bugs than a Canadian summer and more security holes than Swiss cheese. As a result, we had to re-create the site using the  open source Laconica microblogging software platform, the same platform used by the  growing community. The Laconica platform appears to be on rapid upgrade path with new features and functionality being added on a fairly frequent basis. In addition, we’ve added a few improvements of our own.

For anyone using Twitter, Friendfeed or Facebook, SPNbabble is meant to be a time-saver. The site has been specifically set up for working web professionals – marketers, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, webmasters, site owners, etc.  It enables anyone with a member account on Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, Tumblr or Plurk to post to these sites automatically as they are posting on SPNbabble.

SPNbabble also offers SMS and IM messaging, direct messaging, hash tag usage, search and groups. If there is an interest, we may tie into other micro blogging communities as well. In the meantime, we’d like to invite any avid micro bloggers to sign up and provide some feedback. Click the SPNbabble link in the nav bar at the top of any SPN page or visit: