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March 27, 2009

The Top 2 Things Authors Miss When Doing Article Internet Marketing

More and more website owners are realizing that article marketing is a valid and effective way to get targeted traffic to their website. When one is using it as a means to get traffic to their website, it is best to remember that there are 2 components to making article marketing successful, and most people don’t realize the importance of having both of these things in your article. If you don’t have these things, you may get traffic, but you won’t get traffic that does anything.

The first key component is to have your readers become interested in your article. There are different ways to build interest in your article. The first way is to have a catchy title that draws the reader in to read the article in the first place. Remember, your title is competing with hundreds if not thousands of other articles out there in the different article directories, so it really has to capture the attention of the visitor who is on the site. Once people click on the title to read your article, does it keep them reading? Your first paragraph should be very enticing and clearly state a benefit as to why they should keep reading. Each paragraph of your article should sell the reader into reading more of your article. The whole purpose of your article is to get the reader to the end of your article and want to, not only find out more information, but to take an action.

This is where many authors stop short. You don’t want your readers coming to your web site to find out whatever they can on your web site and leave, but you want them to find out what they are looking for through the product/service that you offer. Your article should give them value and also let them know what they would be missing if they don’t have the rest of the information. For example, your article should focus on the WHAT your readers need, and your product or service should focus on the HOW your audience can get it done. If you make the WHAT enticing enough, your readers will want to know the HOW.

The second key component you need to have in your article marketing efforts is a landing page that supports the content of the article. The bridge to your web site is your resource box, so your resource box has to be enticing and give the reader a reason to click to your website. Your resource box and landing page is part of the 1-2 punch that needs to be used with article marketing. I can’t tell you how many articles I have seen that have a resource box that didn’t entice the reader, or have sent people to a site that was just the home page and really didn’t have a good follow-up, or they have sent people to a site that was not even closely related to the subject matter of the article. If you just want to increase traffic to your website because you are selling ad space on your website, then it won’t matter as much. If you are using article marketing to sell more of your products and services, then it does make a big difference as to how the follow-up landing page is presented to the reader. Does the landing page complement the article and entice the reader even more with wanting to take an action?

Article marketing is a strategy, that when followed well, will produce results that bring in the income. In learning that you need powerful titles, article flow and resource boxes, you can get resources that show you how to create a powerful title and what some of the most successful article structures are that will keep your readers locked into your article. Once you learn how to implement these valuable components, you will see rise in your earnings, because your articles are working harder for you.

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