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April 13, 2009

7 Different Ways to Leverage the Same Content for Various Audiences

Different people learn in different ways. Some people like to receive content via an email while some prefer to read blogs. Some people learn better by reading while some prefer to have the content read to them. Some people need to see you talking about the content while others don’t care what you look like.

Here are seven different ways to leverage your time and efforts by taking the same content and turning it into different products. Some of these ideas will be used to market your website while some of them will be used to bring in revenue.

1. Write some articles and submit them to article directories.

Submitting articles to directories will increase your exposure on the web and will most definitely increase traffic to your website. You write an article and submit it to a website like ezinearticles. You are allowed to include a resource box at the end of the article. Make sure to include your name, company name, mission statement or bio, and a link to your website. Submit a few articles and watch your traffic increase.

2. Use those articles in your newsletter.

If you send out a regular newsletter, you can use the same articles you submitted to directories as articles in your newsletter. Sometimes I use the articles as-is and sometimes I modify them slightly to add a more personal touch. I like to use the articles in my newsletter first and then submit them to directories later that way my subscribers get to be the first to read them.

3. Break the articles up into smaller chunks and turn them into blog posts.

I suggest breaking them up because people tend to read blog posts quickly. If your article is fairly short, just post it. If your article is longer, you could turn it into multiple posts, thus leveraging your time even more.

4. Record yourself reading the articles and turn them into audio or video podcasts.

Here is where you can tap into those folks who prefer to be read to, or who would prefer to see you to better get to know you. A good place to submit audio podcasts is iTunes, and the most popular place for videos is YouTube.

5. Combine several related articles into an e-book.

Take several articles that are related to one topic and turn it into an e-book. You may need to add some text to make your book flow from one article to the other, but essentially each article could be a chapter in your book.

6. Combine several related articles into an e-course.

A good way to accomplish this is to turn each article into a separate part for your course. Add some additional material like worksheets or add more to your article, and send each part out as an email through your email auto-responder service. If you have 7 related articles, you could have a 7-part e-course.

7. Use the articles as content on a membership site where you charge a fee to view the site.

If you have a membership site where you charge a fee for members to view different types of content, you could include your articles in an article section where members could search on information in the articles.

Reformatting the content of your articles into other sources is an excellent way to leverage your time and to reach out to more people. You will want to re-write the articles a little to make them fit their new purpose, but the main pieces of the idea and concept are already there for you.

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