How To Write An Article With A Powerful Title So You Get A Flood Of Traffic To Your Website

If you want an effective method of getting targeted traffic to your website, then writing articles and publishing them is the way to do it. This method is also very cost effective way to driving traffic to your web site. Article marketing is a great way of letting people know more about you as well as a powerful branding method as well. However, publishing your articles to all corners of the Internet isn’t enough; you have to write an article enticing enough to get people to actually read your article and go to your web site.

The main purpose of the title is to draw people into reading your article. What draws people into reading your article are titles that are catchy, stand out, and indicate what the reader will get out of reading the article. Take this article for instance. The title tells you exactly what you will get by reading this article. If that is of interest to anyone (and if you are reading this sentence, it is of interest to you as well), then they will read this article. A powerful title that draws the reader in answers some very specific questions right in the title. These answers will create a headline that “hooks” the reader into reading your article.

The first thing your article title must answer for the reader is the benefit they receive by reading your article?” This alone is worth reading the article. I have seen many article titles that really detract from the power of the article because the title did not draw me in. For example, let us take an article that talks about some of the things that real estate investors overlook when they are considering investing in a property. You can have 2 different titles to that article. One could say:

“Real estate investors overlook some things when investing in property” or “The 5 things that real estate investors overlook in property investment that can cost them thousands of dollars per deal”

Both titles can be on top of the same article but which one draws you in more? If you are interested in not losing thousands of dollars when you are investing in property, then you will be more likely to read the article with the 2nd title. The 2nd title lists a clear benefit of reading the article and that is how to save thousands of dollars. The first title tells you what the article is about, but it doesn’t tell you what you will walk away with other than knowing some things that you need to remember. Some practice may be required and writing powerful titles that draw the reader in and are also within a specific number of characters because some article directory sites limit the number of characters of your article title.

When writing an article, it is important to create a title that “draws” the reader into reading your article. It is very important that your article actually be about what is in the title or you will quickly lose credibility with your reader. The whole goal is to get them to click on your links at the end of your article. This is just one tip that will increase the number of visitors to your website, and there are three other tips that will help you create powerful article titles as well.

If you want to know the other tips that will help you create an article that drives traffic to your web site, join this how to write articles membership site that teaches you how to write articles that bring traffic to your web site.

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  • Nice article but it is not only about catchy titles. If you want to make your article popular then:
    1) It must have rich and quality content which imparts good knowledge.
    2) Before deciding the topic, carry out keyword research so as to know the trends in the search industry. It will help increase the ambit of the article.

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