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April 30, 2009

Tips On Generating Traffic With Squidoo

A good way to market any business is though a Squidoo lens. This site is a social networking site like many others around but this one for me is unique in a way.

You can advertise on this site without the worry of getting penalized for it. Most social networking sites won’t let you advertise your products that is a big NO with other social websites.

The Lens

A lens is basically a portal to advertise on it is a unique template that allows you to put pictures on there video’s and products. You can make as many lenses as you want out of as many categories as you like.

Use the lenses to drive traffic to your main business site and create more and more sales for yourself.

How To Use Squidoo

Keywords are most important when using a lens. Lenses are WebPages and therefore get ranked in the search engines, just like your internet business gets ranked.

When you choose a url for your lens make sure that you include your primary keyword in this url, this url is going to be used to link you to other pages.

Long tail keywords are being used like crazy these days because they are so popular, use the Squidoo wizard to setup your lens.

One of the things I really like about the lens pages when your filling out the wizard is it gives you the opportunity to put your RSS Feed into the lens page, and search engines loves fresh daily content.

Update your lens three times a week at least modify it in some way but the RSS Feeds will help you do this as well.

Keep adding new content to your lens. Squidoo recommends that you make many lenses, but what there actually saying is use your long tail keywords for your lenses that you make based on your particular niche.

Start domination your niche by making yours unique, lets say your niche is about affiliate marketing, and you wrote about affiliate marketing handbooks, this would make your niche stand out from the rest because your writing about not just affiliate marketing but affiliate marketing handbooks which would be different from your competitors.

When you make your lenses and you have few up your sleeve link them together this is very powerful when it comes to search engine optimizing having all your pages linked together will bring more visitors to your business site.

The way you have to look at your lens is just pretend its your blog and link to your legitimate home business sites with it.

If you get high ranking lenses on Squidoo then you will receive all that traffic to your main business site. This technique is so powerful yet so easy to accomplish.

You have to remember that Squidoo is a social network site for adults so get involved with other peoples lenses and comment on what you see, ,make your comment truthful and to the point, this will give you more one way links to your website.

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