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May 15, 2009

Social Selling, Taking Sales 2.0 offline

You can’t help but notice the use of the word change over the last few months. Change is being brought up in anything you can imagine right now. In the sales world some would say we are seeing Change but are sales approaches just staying the same? I am going to jump on the Sales 2.0 craze here, but I will present it the old-fashion way.

Belly-to-Belly Sales Works

No sales technique is as effective as sitting belly-to-belly, chatting, and liking who you are hanging out with. Stop for a Minute… Have you ever created a long-term and highly profitable client over email? No. And, you never will.

The Internet has become an important and incredible marketplace for connecting intent and offers. However, it rarely sells and it never creates a customer relationship.

What About

You said… Right? This is a perfect case study. probably thinks we have a fabulous relationship–thousands of dollars later. I got an incentive offer to buy online at Barnes and Nobles, another to purchase at a Borders bookstore. The result? Hundreds of dollars in lost sales revenue to And, I would do it again.

I am not suggesting that get belly-to-belly with me. I am suggesting that if you are selling mortgages, real estate, or enterprise software that little “competitive opportunity” in your client relationship management will cost you thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions.

I am also not suggesting that you quickly visit every prospect in your sales pipeline. Here is what I am suggesting:

Get Social Online

I happen to be a big supporter of Internet marketing, but often it’s being poorly executed. Many companies and individuals are hiding behind the anonymity of the Web. This is the best way to diminish your sales opportunities. People don’t want to buy from “anonymous.” They want to buy from real people, people that are like themselves!

The growth of Social Media has made this process easy. The variety of social networking sites have given you simple platforms to design your social selling strategy. You don’t need to be an expert or need advanced knowledge of the Internet, web programming, SEO, or other technical barrier. Just simply sign-up and give us a little introduction to who you are, what you do, and how you can help people.

Form Connections

Now that you have created a social presence on some of the networking sites… ex: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter (it doesn’t matter). And, I like what I see. How do I contact you?

This is the biggest mistake that is constantly being repeated. Keep in mind that no one buys from “anonymous” or @HotRealEstateDeals or Avoid complicating this! Don’t anonymize your contact information. Make contacting you easy.

This is important…. If they do contact you answer the email or phone call! Talk to everyone. Talk to anyone. It will make you more profitable!

Play: Be lively and Fun

No one likes talking to the stiff guy at the party right? Avoid being so stiff. Learn to have fun and play a little. Let prospective clients see you play a bit. Post pictures, videos, places you are visiting, books you are reading, movies you liked, ideas you are thinking about, dreams you are dreaming.

Also No one likes talking business all of the time–especially your customers.

The Secret Here: Those personal insights and playful posts attract people like you, people that will like you. And, people buy from people they like.

Win Offline

So bottom line is make your Sales 2.0 strategy to attract online and sell offline. The Key here is building trust and depth with your clients by getting belly-to-belly, just like the old fashion way.

Bill Rice – Take the first step in managing your sales pipeline and tasks with Mortgage CRM. Improve your sales approach with Sales 2.0 techniques.