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June 12, 2009

Supercharging Your Micro Blogging with SPNbabble

About a month ago SPNbabble, a Twitter clone based on the Laconica open source software platform, was launched with the express purpose of providing web professionals a site from which they could post to multiple micro blogs from a single account. Currently, SPNbabble members can configure their accounts to post to Twitter and 9 other sites if they have accounts on those sites.

SPNbabble has been promoted primarily as a time-saver for Twitter/Facebook/Friendfeed/Tumblr users who are serious about marketing, networking, branding, PR and building backlinks and not particularly interested in what someone had for breakfast. SPNbabble can be thought of as a vertical Twitter for authors, webmasters, web developers, web designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, bloggers and business professionals of all stripes.

If you fall into that vertical, this site was built for you – check it out, write about it, blog about it, link to it and invite your friends. Most of all we’re interested in your feedback and suggestions on what we can do to improve the site and the service.