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July 3, 2009

How To Create An Article Writing Schedule

The number one key to success when you’re undertaking an Article Marketing campaign is CONSISTENCY. So many times people start off with the best intentions and have high aspirations for their website’s success, but after a brief effort they lose focus and give up.

Article marketing is a great way to build links and increase traffic to a website, but in order to see the dramatic results you’re looking for you need to consistently submit articles for an extended period of time, ideally for the lifetime of your website.

If you submit a handful of articles for just a few months, you will not see much in the way of lasting results. But, if you submit a handful of articles every month for a year, you will see what a link building momentum can do for your site!

Just submit articles consistently–sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

It is incredibly easy if you’ve taken the time to plan and organize ahead of time. A little planning goes a long way–just complete the following steps and you’ll keep yourself on track for the rest of the year.

1) Determine how many articles you will submit each month.

I recommend submitting somewhere between 1 and 8 articles a month–choose a quantity that you can realistically write month in and month out. If you set your sights too high and fall short, that can be discouraging, so you may wish to start out towards the lower end of the spectrum and work your way up to 8 over a few months.

I think that submitting more than 8 articles a month is overkill. When you start submitting more articles than this the benefits go down compared to the effort you’re exerting, so I advise people to submit articles each month for an extended period of time, and submit up to 8 each month–there is no need to go overboard and submit dozens and dozens of articles a month.

2) Create a writing schedule.

After you’ve decided how many articles you’ll submit each month, take out your calendar and decide when you’ll write the articles. Write in your calendar exactly which days you will be writing and what times. Being specific like this will help you to not procrastinate (something we’re all prone to do!). If you schedule your writing on your calendar you’re more likely to actually do the work.

Some people like to write one article at a time, while others prefer to work in batches of several in a day. It’s just whatever works for you. I have done both, and I think I prefer writing in batches–that way I can take just a few days out of the month and meet all of my article writing goals in a short span of time.

I also have a special “Editorial Calendar”–basically this is a dry erase calendar board where I can mark down the days I will be writing. As I write each article, I erase it from the board. It’s motivating to see the progress on the board–I keep this calendar right beside my desk, so there’s no way I’ll be forgetful of the days I’m supposed to write.

3) Brainstorm next month’s article topics.

Have you ever known you needed to write an article, but you just weren’t sure what to write about? When this happens, you end up procrastinating and before you know it you’re behind in your writing.

I’ve found a cure for this by creating an article idea list ahead of time, before the month even starts. Just think of article topics that would be helpful to your target market. Remember, all of your articles will be on some aspect of your niche. Start writing down ideas and you’ll find that more ideas start to flow. It is much easier to think of 8 article ideas at one time than to think of one article idea on 8 separate occasions.

Develop your brainstorming list and pull it out when it’s time for you to write. No procrastinating, no agonizing, “Oh no, now what should I write about?”

All three of these steps are crucial when it comes to keeping an article marketing campaign on track. Remember–consistency is key. If you can submit articles consistently month in and month out, you can produce dramatic results for your website over the long term.

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