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July 8, 2009

How to Keep Customers Happy by Making Your Site Trustworthy and Solving Any Problems

The longer you stay in the field of internet marketing, the more obvious it becomes that customers are really your lifeblood. Even if you happen to create a website that focuses on content and passive income streams of advertising, it is still important to remember that keeping your site trustworthy from both a content and a security point of view is something that should be at the top of your list.

One way to make your site trustworthy is to simply solve all of the problems that come up as they are addressed to you. Trustworthiness often has a lot to do with a sense of professionalism that customers get from vendors and with that in mind, it is something that you can easily create. Reply to all of the e-mails that are sent to you, even if it is just an acknowledgement, letting the people know that you have heard and appreciate what they have to say.

Then, when the action required has been taken on the e-mail, you can go ahead and ensure that your customers now know that the concern they submitted has been dealt with. With that kind of attention to your customer, it won’t be long before all of the customers that have dealt with you start to spread out your excellence level and trustworthiness.

Try to stay in touch with your customers. Don’t let your customers forget your business. One of the easiest ways to follow up with your customers is to find out if your customers are satisfied doing business with you. That way, if they are enjoying doing business with your company, you can ask for testimonials. If they’re unhappy, then you must try to set things right. By Providing great customer service you will increase your chances of getting repeat business from your existing customers and thus increase your sales and profits.

Additionally, there is always the third party method for making your site trustworthy. Getting an independent audit of the security features of your website by companies that specialize in such things will show your customers that you are taking their security seriously and of course once you get approved you will be given the opportunity to display their seal on your website in a way that allows them to vouch for the safety of using your website. This affects different people in different ways, but it never ends up hurting your website’s popularity and therefore it is definitely something you will want to consider doing in the future.

Finally, one more way that you can increase the image that you have in the eyes of your customers is simply through being consistent. If you have a content website, then make sure that you regularly update that website in order to ensure that your people keep coming back. If you have a sales website, then consistently make sure that things are in order, replying to e-mails and helping people to solve any problems they encounter.

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