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July 11, 2009

Google Gets All Twitter-y

A year ago we were wondering why Google didn’t have an official Twitter account. This year they’ve made up for it by creating 44 of them. Yes, that’s right, Google now has forty four unique Twitter accounts, according to a post on the official Google blog today:

“Like lots of you, we’ve been drawn into Twitter this year. After all, we’re all about frequent updates ourselves, and there’s lots happening around here that we want to share with you.”

Here’s a couple of the main ones you should be following:

@Google – their central account

@GoogleNews – latest headlines via Google News

@GoogleAtWork –┬ásolutions for IT and workplace productivity

@YouTube – for YouTube fans

@GoogleMaps – uses, tips, mashups for Google Maps

@AdSense – for online publishers using AdSense

@AdWordsHelper – for AdWords questions and tech issues

@GoogleAnalytics – resources for users of Google Analytics

Any new Google Twitter accounts will be added to their official blog post, so get bookmarking!