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July 17, 2009

Article Marketing: How Your Google Ranking Impacts Your Business

When you submit your article to an article directory, you may be thinking that the source of traffic (visitors to your website) will be from the article directory itself.

That is actually not the case.

Although people can end up finding your site by going to an article directory and then reading your article and clicking the link in your resource box to get to your website, that is not the main way that Article Marketing generates traffic.


The most dramatic changes to your website’s exposure comes from a change in search engine ranking. Search engine ranking refers to where your website shows up in the results list when someone in your target market does a Google search.

The words the searcher types into Google are called ‘keywords’, from the website owner’s perspective. If you can make it so that your website ranks highly whenever someone types in keywords associated with your website, then you can dramatically increase your website traffic over the long term.


Put yourself in the shoes of the person who is searching for information on the web:

You type in your search terms and then you let Google generate a list of results for you. The results go on and on for pages, but most of us usually only look at the first page, and most likely just the first few results.

We regard the top result as having the best chance of providing us with the information we’re looking for, so we will click the #1 result first. If we find what we’re looking for there, then the search is over.

So, this gives you a clue when you’re trying to get your website listed higher in the rankings–the higher the better.

When I start an article marketing campaign for a new keyword term, my goal is always the #1 spot. Of course any improvement is positive, so if you can make it onto the front page, you will be better off than being five pages back. The goal, however, is always to be #1.


Even a difference between a #1 ranking and a #5 ranking for your keyword terms can be astounding, multiplying your unique visitors many times over. For internet businesses who are depending on search engine traffic for customers, every visitor represents a targeted lead for a sale.

Now, imagine that you start out with 5,000 unique visitors a month, and you elevate your search engine ranking so that you’re now receiving 42,000 unique visitors in a month.

And let’s say you’ve figured out that for every 1,000 page views you can count on making 30 sales.

In this scenario, by elevating the search engine ranking just a few crucial notches, you move from making 150 sales a month to 1,260 sales. That’s quite an impact!

This is why people with internet businesses, small businesses, and money making websites are so gung-ho about their search engine ranking.

Just a few jumps up the rankings can make a huge difference in your business’ performance.


  • You submit quality articles consistently every month.
  • The articles should be on the topic of your niche and written around your keywords.
  • A link to your website goes in your resource box, and every time your article is picked up for publication, you receive another backlink to your website.
  • Over time, as you build links, Google re-evaluates your website. Usually this happens every 3-4 months. So, every few months Google recalculates your backlinks and various other data about your site, and adjusts its idea of your website’s importance.
  • As your website gains authority in Google’s eyes, your site gets a higher search engine ranking for your keyword terms.


It’s as simple as that–just write articles on the topic of your niche and submit them consistently month after month.

Article marketing is all about getting suitable prospects to your website. Elevate your search engine ranking for your keywords, and your business can be dramatically impacted over the long term.

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