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July 22, 2009

How to Make Money and Promote your Site by Tweeting on Twitter

If you have to learn how to make money then you should try tweeting on Tweeter. It is a simple way to promote your site, but one of which most have little knowledge. Twitter is not a new phenomenon on the internet, because it was created by Jack Dorsey as long ago as 2006. Don’t laugh – 2006 is a long time ago in internet terms, and Twitter has grown a great deal since it was conceived by Jack as a means of small groups communicating by using short SMS messages.

Messaging services are now commonplace, but Twitter has developed into a world-wide phenomenon. I am not here to discuss Twitter’s past, but how you can use it in the future: not only to communicate with people, but to make money and turn it into a marketing tool more effective than any that have gone before.

I fully understand how Google works (as well as anybody who is not employed by Google can), and Twitter is Google bait! This will only last for a short time, and even if you only have a blog that you want to promote you must learn how to use Twitter to promote it. If you have a Squidoo lens, just the same: Twitter can be use to give you visitors.

So how is that? The question you have to answer yourself when you tweet on Twitter is who will see it? A tweet is not a web page, and is not listed on a search engine. It isn’t an email, or any other direct means of communication. The only people that will come across those short messages you send are those that are ‘following’ you. To do that, they must deliberately click a link so that they do so. Why should they?

Many newbies to Twitter make their tweets and they go nowhere because they don’t have any followers. Imagine if you could choose your own followers. I am not saying that Britney would follow you because if you check out Britney’s link you will see no tweets except hers and her manager’s and agent’s. She uses Twitter as an advertising medium, and follows nobody.

You can use Twitter that way too, and can advertise products and web pages but refuse followers – you will then make nothing. It is very important that learn how to get followers, but the followers that suit you. There are ways to achieve that, and also ways to choose the Tweeters that you want to follow. If you get it right, one or both of two things can happen:

  1. You can make a lot of friends, even if you have no desire to use Tweeter to make money.
  2. You can use Tweeter make a lot of money, even if you have no desire to make friends.

What you should be aiming for is a combination of each, and if you know how to do it, then you can, to the advantage of you and your friends on Tweeter. They need a service or have a problem to be solved, and you can provide either or both. But how do you get together?

By Tweets of course! But you have to get them following you, and while you know how to register with Tweeter and make your tweets, who is reading them? Nobody! However, let’s take just one social networking site – Facebook. As with most, you can have your tweets posted on your wall in Facebook, so that all of your friends can see them. That is just one simple way of advertising yourself totally free of charge.

Solve that problem and you will be made. You will be able to put everything you learn into practice and will be able to make money and promote your site by Tweeting on Twitter! Think of all the social networking sites out there on which you can make your tweets visible, even to non tweeters? At one time it was tag and ping – that is old hat now.

There are far better ways of getting your message publicized than that: Twitter offers it if only you can see how to do it. Enough said!

Peter Nisbet – If you want to find out how to use Twitter as it can be used, then check out at Twitter Traffic – you will also find out how Twitter can be used to make money, particularly if you have a product to sell. If not, simply enjoy knowing how to use it to its maximum advantage to you.