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August 6, 2009

A writing career online

If you want to try something different online then this article will be of interest to you. This article is worthwhile if you want to make money writing articles, blogs etc online.

Currently millions of webmasters are looking to hire writers to help them out by creating content for their website, or for creating articles for promoting their website. Website owners are often preaching about the saying ‘content is king’. Though this phrase is very true, many webmasters find it hard to create this content due to other commitments (managing their website in general).

Many website owners want people to write content for thier website. Many of these website owners are willing to pay people on an article-produced basis – the amount of money the writer could earn will be different for each article.

The market is enormous. There are millions of existing websites and thousands more going up every day. Websites communicate with their visitors through the written word. Someone has to write all that text. Webmasters (those in charge of websites) do not have enough time to do the writing along with everything else needed.

So someone will get paid to write online and will make money writing the content, sales copy, articles, e-books, blog posts and whatever else is required.

2. The qualifications are easy to meet. If you can write in simple, clear, understandable English at the 5th to 9th grade level, then you can make money writing online. The emphasis is on speed, clarity and readability. No prior writing experience is required. Native English speakers are in demand

3. The demand is for unique text. Copying just won’t do. The Internet is a creation of computers and one thing that computers do very well is compare one page of text with another to see if they are alike. Any one page can be compared with millions of other pages in seconds. (Visit to see how easy comparison is.)

Websites are ranked by the amount of unique text they have (pages indexed) plus the number of other sites linking to them (backlinks). TDuplicate text gets its value discounted heavily. To get high search engine ranking so your website appears on the first page of a search on your key words, you must have unique text.

The only way to generate unique text that is intelligible is to have it written by a human being. Machine generated just doesn’t make sense, is not coherent, does not communicate… is unacceptable. A person must write it. This is the way writers make money writing and why they get paid to write online.

4. It’s easy to get started. The text needed is contracted in fairly small contracts, consisting of a few days or maybe weeks of work for a writer. You get paid to write online by going onto one of the major auction-marketplaces and bidding on contracts offered. Win the bid, get the work and you make money writing.

If you enjoy writing then getting paid to write articles online is worthwhile and lucrative and can be done from the comfort of your own home. English language is a must when writng articles online as this is the main language online, when wrting you must be willing to work to short deadlines.

It is best advised that you build a portfolio of articles that can be used when writing online – so that you can show potential employers to try and impress them, to urge them to hire you. A payoal account and other payment methods will be beneficial for the writer. This is so that you can get easily paid for your writing work.

Being paid to write articles won’t be the most lucrative job at first (you might start up on around �3 per 400 word article created), but once you build up a good reputation and have hopefully improved your writing skills you should be able to up the price that you charge. If you find you are an expert in a certain high-paying niche, then it would make sense that you can charge more money for your writing services.

Make sure you check the regional job listing sites as regularly as possible so that you don’t miss out on any paid article writing jobs, and be sure to check out plenty of website-owner forums to find other paid writing jobs.

If you want to make money writing, there is no other market as large, growing as fast or as easy and flexible to get started with.

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