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August 6, 2009

Did You Forget the Obvious Directories?

If you want your webpage to rank well, you will have to have a couple thousand backlinks.

A backlink is an inbound html code that points to your website. You are probably wondering why you would want a backlink.

I will explain it this way: If you have many websites with one-way links to your website, the search engines interpret this in your favor. You want to make sure that your website is at the “hub of the wheel” so to speak — all the spokes, or links, are pointing to your website.

Your goal should be that the search engines view your site as an “authority site”. If a website provides excellent, interesting articles and other content, and has many readers, that website could be called an “authority site”. Websites mention and point to, or refer to, articles and videos on the authority site.

Let’s step back a bit and explain links in an example:

If Sally’s site links to you, then you have one inbound link. However, if your website links back to Sally’s site, the links balance each other out and nobody wins — that is called a reciprocal link. Don’t look for reciprocal links. You should look for links back to your website from other websites where you don’t have to link to them.

Now who is going to do that? Any website marketer who has been around for some time does not want reciprocal links. That website owner wants inbound links to his site.

Sources of inbound, one-way links:

Links from directories – Directories aren’t as popular as they once were now that people use search engines to find what they want, but directories still offer free inbound links. All you have to do is apply for them. There are several companies that offer free software. Just search for a directory submitter. There are several to choose from. You will find one that is easy to use and makes submitting to directories a snap.

Links from articles you write – There is probably no better way to get people to visit your blog than to write good articles. When you write a good article, you need to send that article to a large number of article directories.

They will post your article at no charge to you and most of them will allow you to put a couple of self-serving links in the “resource box”. The resource box is where you can advertise your website, tell them what they will find, and perhaps send them to your subscription optin page.

As you might guess, sending your articles out to thirty or forty sites can be a daunting task. I would suggest that you do a search for article submitter software.

You may find an article submitter that works very well and saves you hours of valuable time. You type the information into the article submitter once and it will automatically fill it in to the article site. It even keeps track of your username and password for those sites where you have to register.

You should spend the time to find a company that will do this for you. It costs me money every month to submit eight articles to many, many article directories. I think it is worth the money, but if you are just starting out, perhaps the free way is better.

Comment on “dofollow” blogs

Some WordPress blog owners have installed a plugin called “dofollow”. This overrides the default of “nofollow” that the blog comes setup as. If the blog has this plugin installed and activated, you will get a backlink to your website when you make a comment on that site. (Most blog owners aren’t aware that this may be a reason they don’t get as many comments on their articles as they could.)

There is software that I use that finds blogs that have the “dofollow” plugin installed. I look for them and I am more inclined to comment on those blogs because it gets me a backlink.

Search for a blog submitter. It is the software that you use to help find those blogs. Most blog submitters are free too. All you do is type in keywords that refer to your website and it will find blogs that have similar keywords.

Free directories you *must* know about:

Most blog owners and internet marketers have forgotten this one. It is right under their noses, but they haven’t listed their sites in local directories. Here is a short list of local directories that you must do tonight.

* Google Local


* Yahoo Local

* Yahoo Yellow Pages




* www.your nearest big

* www.big city

Even if you don’t have a physical address where you accept the public, you can still put your website on these various directories. You don’t have to show your physical address, if you don’t want it to show.

To summarize:

Every website marketer needs backlinks. The website marketer’s goal should be to grow their site in size to become an authority site in his area of specialty.

It is not difficult to get backlinks, but it is time consuming and laborious. I would suggest that you use software to help you speed up these repetitive tasks. Get free software called directory submitter. Obtain an article submitter product. Use a blog finder to help you comment on blogs that give you a backlink.

Lastly, don’t forget the obvious. Use the list above to get listed in the local directories.

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