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August 27, 2009

Blogs and Article Marketing Can Work Together To Market Your Site!

Have you been trying to decide whether to use a blog or article marketing to market your website, thinking that you can’t possibly have time to do both?

Are you already doing article marketing along with a blog, and finding it exhausting to keep writing so much content?

If so, I have good news for you!

Both article marketing and blogs are great ways to build traffic to a website and display your expertise. They are marketing tools that work in different ways, and if you coordinate things they can play very nicely off of each other.


Think of your blog posts as outlines for articles. After your posts are published on your blog, go back and use each post as a guideline for an article. Sometimes the topics you cover in blog posts can even be morphed into a several articles.

To make this work, your blog posts should be educational–they should teach your readers something. Ideally they will be fully developed, rather than being the type of blog posts that are ‘quick updates’.

Some guidelines for converting a blog post into an article:

  • Do not copy the blog post verbatim–the blog post should be the outline for the article and not the article itself. It’s best if the content on your own site is totally unique.
  • The topic should be timeless.
  • Your blog post must be ‘article worthy’–there needs to be enough meat in the post to warrant being turned into an article.
  • How-to posts, list posts, and any sort of blog post that teaches something is a good candidate for an article.
  • Limit links in the article body–with a free reprint article a bit of discipline with the linking can help your article be more attractive to publishers.
  • Polish your article–if you make a spelling or grammar error in a blog post it’s not that big a deal because you can make the correction at any time. Articles, on the other hand, will be circulating all over the internet. If you happen to submit an article with errors, it will be reprinted with those errors–so be careful!


How else can blogs and article marketing work together?

When you’re submitting your articles, provide a link to your blog in your resource box. Even if your blog is not your main site, it is still beneficial to market your blog.

The strength of blogs as marketing tools is that they are Google-friendly. Google likes the fresh content that blogs offer, so it can be easier for a blog to rank highly than it is for a traditional website.

So, the idea is to use your blog to leverage your static website. You market your blog, build its authority, and then link to your main website from the blog. Traffic then flows through your blog and to your website. Links from the blog to the website also bolster your main website’s rankings.

If you have a blog you know it’s not enough to just start posting–you need to do something to get the links and traffic coming into it.

Article marketing serves this purpose well–link to your blog from your resource box. You can use your articles to build links to both your main website and your blog.


If you have a blog it’s very easy to start submitting articles on a regular basis without that much more effort.

And if you already have both a blog and are doing article submissions, you can maximize the content that you’re creating by bouncing your articles off of your blog content.

Using a blog and article submissions together is a great way to save time, and on top of that you can reap the rewards of having two marketing tools working to drive traffic to your site!

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