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September 10, 2009

UFO Spotted on Google

This week, Google had a little fun with their site by launching a special flying saucer logo (pictured).

The “Unexplained Phenomenon” logo was spotted on Saturday and blogged about by Danny Sullivan and Barry Schwartz.

The logo itself shows a UFO abucting one of the “o’s” in Google and has a filename of, with a missing “o”. Clicking on the logo on Saturday brought up search results for the query “unexplained phenomenon”.

In addition to the logo, Google also tweeted a message in code that translated into:

“All Your O are belong to us”

What did it all mean? The mystery deepened at this point, with a number of different explanations offered and Google promising to provide clues at a later date (see Danny’s postscript 1).

The decoded message was obviously a reference to “All your base are belong to us” which is a quote from the popular Sega computer game Zero Wing. Some people noted that Sept 5 was the 20th anniversary of the game and assumed this was the reason behind the logo. Others thought it was something to do with Google’s 11th birthday celebrations.

But TechCrunch blogger Robin Wauters thinks he’s figured out the real reason.

Apparently Google is involved in somethng called the O Campaign, which is a non-profit campaign bring the public, academics and corporations together to help fund research into cancer prevention. The Co-Director of the campaign is Joseph James Jung – a philanthropist who regularly collaborates with Google’s Board of Directors.

Which just goes to prove that we don’t know what the real truth is.  But it’s out there – somewhere.

Got your own conspiracy theory about Google’s UFO logo? We’d love to hear it. Leave your comments below.