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September 18, 2009

The Top Mistakes Article Writing Template Explained in Detail

Have you noticed any common misconceptions about your niche, or common mistakes that people in your field continually make?

If so, you have a prime teaching opportunity that you should take full advantage of by writing an article that reveals these mistakes.

Sometimes the best way to learn is to see what NOT to do.

Top mistakes articles also tend to catch readers’ attention because they run counter to the popular ‘Top Tips’ articles.

If you’re looking for a new instant article writing template to help kick start your next article, give the one below a try.

Now, Revealing the Top Mistakes Instant Article Writing Template…

1. Brainstorm and write down the mistakes your target market typically makes.

These could be misconceptions or actual behavioral mistakes. Don’t think of this as harping on the negative. Many times people don’t realize they’re making a mistake until someone points it out. And, as the expert, it is your job to educate people on what they’re doing wrong and what they should be doing instead.

Also, keep in mind that anyone who reads your article can avoid making the mistakes listed, so this type of article is like a preventative treatment to common mistakes made in your niche. Sometimes we’re not so hot on learning new things, but we are definitely motivated to avoid disasters.

2. Write an intro.

Explain to your readers why the mistakes you’re about to share in your article are so common and why the reader needs to avoid them. Tell them that it’s not their fault and that – and that they are making these mistakes because no one explained the right way.

You also want to show your readers what they have to gain by avoiding these mistakes and what they have to lose by committing these mistakes. The best way to do this is to share a story, preferably one of your own that shows your readers that you were just like them.

3. List each mistake/misconception.

Under each mistake you list, explain why it’s a mistake and how it will cause a problem in the short-term or in the long-term, or both. To make your case stronger, use a real-life example as proof.

4. Offer corrections for the mistakes.

This is where the value is. You are offering solutions to common problems.

5. Write your close.

In your article give your readers two choices.

Choice 1: Tell your readers that they can continue making these mistakes and experience these negative consequences. Paint a picture of pain.

Choice 2: Tell your readers that they can take the steps that you have described to fix these errors. Paint a picture of how they will benefit f they follow your tips and advice. And, most importantly, invite them to take action, for example, go to your website and sign up for your free offering.

Now, Because I Love to Add Value, Here Are 2 Bonus Tips For You:

* Be encouraging.

Remember that the purpose of the article is to help people rather than to make them feel bad for making a mistake.

* Consider using a number in your title.

This “Top Mistakes” list can also be a “Top 7″ or “Top 5″ or whatever number you come up with. If you have limited space or ideas, this tip can be a lifesaver.
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