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September 22, 2009

5 Tips for Building a Unique Brand for Your Blog

Nearly 1 million posts per 24 hours are being published in the blogosphere. Overwhelming? Perhaps… but just because you’re new to blogging doesn’t mean there is no chance for you to succeed as a blogger.

The key to success as a blogger is developing a relationship with your audience, which has to be willing to comment on your content as well as share it and link to it. You can also give your blog an extra advantage by building a unique brand for it. Whether you want to revamp your current blog or you are planning to build a brand new one, follow these 5 simple tips to build a unique blogging brand.

1. Create a blog design that’s minimalist and unique

Break the expectations of your audience by creating a unique, highly simplified blog design. Blog designs that are complex and cluttered are the norm whereas blogs that are simple yet sophisticated tend to stand out. Some attribute Google’s online success to the highly minimalistic design of their site.

2. Refine your writing style

The single most powerful way to build a successful, unique blog is to write in a distinctive, compelling way. Writing is at the heart of your blog. Great writing could even transcend a horrible blog design. As you continue to blog and delve deeply into a variety of topics, concepts, and viewpoints, your style will become more pronounced. Your writing style should be so unique that your readers could pick it out of a lineup.

3. Write about your topic from a different angle

No matter how crowded or competitive a niche may be, there is always room for new insights and perspectives. Even if you cover the same topics as a popular blog in your niche, you can make your blog stand out by adding your unique touch to them. Established sites in any given niche tend to have a predictable way of presenting topics. Provide a fresh angle or unique viewpoint on an established topic to garner some attention.

4. Find a unique topic or intersection of topics

In general, the more offbeat the topic is the better. If you can’t find a topic that’s totally unique, don’t fret. Consider writing about an intersection of topics, such as SEO and social media, online entrepreneurship and personal development, etc. Intersecting topics will help you build a unique community and mix of audiences.

5. Be consistent

One of the most difficult aspects of building and maintaining a successful blog is providing unique, informative content on a consistent basis. Although consistency is a basic blog quality, it could also be considered a unique element since less than 1% of all 133 million blogs created since 2002 are one of the top 50 blogs on Technorati. What can you count on the top 50 blogs having in common? Consistency, that’s for sure.

As the popularity of blogging continues to increase, the battle to build audiences and get reader attention will only become more challenging. Finding and building a unique brand for your blog will help you stand out and give you a far better shot at achieving blogging success.

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