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September 22, 2009

List Building – What It Takes and How to Do It

Knowing you have to have a customer-based list in order to have massive success in your online business is one thing but getting to the point you are actually growing a list that bring you consistent income is another. What have you done to initiate your list growth? Below are 5 list building tips you can add to your marketing arsenal:

1. Lead Capture Page
Using a lead capture page is a sensible way to start building a list because it allows you to give visitors a glimpse of what they can expect on the other side. Nothing is complicated – you just need some strong bullet points to arise people’s curiosity.. If you are using a quality autoresponder, they usually provide some squeeze page templates to use – but of course, it is much better if you go with your own design.

2. Remaking Content
It has never been easier than this. You just take old articles from the past to create a free report to entice subscribers. Combining articles that educate or tell a story can put you in contention with other top marketers. Be creative and position yourself differently to attract more people to your list by reusing your past content.

3. Free Membership
You can also offer your membership site or newsletter for free – your subscribers will love it!. Doing so will result in you being considered as an expert in the field and open the possibility to develop the membership further. Keep one or two premium content for future streams of income, so you may not want to give it all away from the beginning.

4. Free Ebook
Try using an incentive to attract new subscribers. People’s favorite for incentive are free ebooks. It can be in the format of a PDF report or follow-up emails as an e-course. Either way provide valuable information that is both helpful and informative.

5. Free Media
You might want to mix your incentive with the other forms, as free ebooks are somehow a little devalued today. Today, it is no longer difficult to turn any written content into something as advanced as audio or video recordings. There are also advanced stuff like podcast or screencast to make your information looks more shiny.

Once you have good system in place you can automate your list building and make consistent sales 24/7. To take your Internet business to the next level and learn more about List Building, consult Guru Domination Blueprint review. Click here for Guru Domination Blueprint best bonus.