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September 23, 2009

21 Ways to Use Your Articles for Maximum Website Exposure

Most people think article marketing is just about getting links. They couldn’t be any more WRONG!

Article marketing is about getting your messages (in the form of articles) out to as many prospects as possible in as many ways as possible.

Here are 21 ways to use your articles so you can build your business:

  1. Send your top article placements via email to current clients.
  2. Send your top article placements via email to former clients.
  3. Send the top article placements via email to prospects. This is how PR LEADS Article Marketing Expert client Kevin Berchelmann scored a $50K+ client!
  4. Post reprints on your website. Note – Turn your article placements into PDFs. Do NOT link to your top article placements. This will take people off your website!
  5. Include your article placements in book proposals. Roxanne Emmerich, Dr. Vicki Rackner, Dr. Karen Sherman and many other clients of mine have used this strategy to win major book publishing deals.
  6. Include your articles in new business proposals.
  7. Include your article placements in new business PowerPoint presentations.
  8. Add your articles and/or mention your placements in your blog.
  9. Add the articles to your newsletter. Remember, your newsletter isn’t ALL about selling. It’s about building relationships based on trust. The way to earn trust is to educate your prospects with powerful knowledge that only you can provide in articles,
  10. Mention your article placements on the front page of your website. For example, put across the top of your website: As see on, MarketingProfs, CEO Refresher and Small Business CEO Magazine. Then down the right hand side of your website, put links to your PDF versions of your article placements.
  11. Send print copies of your article placements to your current clients.
  12. Send print copies to your former clients.
  13. Send print copies to your prospects.
  14. Mention your article placements in you website bio.
  15. Mention your article placements in your speech introduction.
  16. Create a list of all the top article placements and post it to your website’s “newsroom’ section.
  17. Add your articles to your Facebook page.
  18. Twitter about your article placements.
  19. Turn your articles into video articles and post it to YouTube, Viddler and other video syndication websites.
  20. Use your articles as a list building mechanism. Check out how Shane Ellison uses his articles on his website: to build his list.
  21. Mention your article placements in the P.S. of your email signature. For example, put…P.S. My article, “25 Ways to Make Money Using Articles” was just published on Now you can read it at (put your website URL where you put the text or PDF version of the article)

You don’t have to do all these steps. If you do only ONE of these steps, you will be doing more than you are now to build your business. Take action today to build your business with article marketing!

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