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September 24, 2009

How To Build Your Customer List

All the most successful entrepreneurs have a customer list they nurture and treasure and unless you’re a complete novice to marketing you’ll know that your own customer list is vital to your success. In today’s marketplace your clients have a greater choice and it is just one ‘click’ away.

Relationship Building The Internet is a fantastic relationship building tool and by keeping in touch with your customer list on a regular basis via email you have an ideal opportunity to build up trust and credibility with your clients. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Write an eZine to your clients at least once a week
  2. Tips are very popular and they can be short, not more than one or two paragraphs you send out every week. They must be packed with information that is relevant and beneficial to your clients.
  3. Mini courses are effective too, but again must contain good, useful, informative information. Ideally, it should be delivered over 5-7 days and be broken down into one subheading a day on your subject.

How Targeted is Your List? What type of client do you want to attract? It’s simple to build a large customer list quickly by appealing to anyone and everyone.

BUT, the more targeted the list, and your offer to that list, the greater chance of success your business has. I prefer 2000 people on my list who have a strong and passionate interest in my niche rather than 10,000 people who just have a passing interest and not nearly the same motivation to buy.

How Can You Be Selective With Your List? It pays to be as specific as possible when referring to your list. An example of what I use for my own eZine is… ‘Internet Marketing Review Newsletter – Subscribe Today and receive powerful & affordable solutions to increase your online sales and profits every time ..’ By putting in the word “affordable” I immediately put off all the ‘Freebie Seekers’ who are just out for a quick fix or magic solution. If I had put ‘Get the Internet Marketing Review Newsletter to improve your business…’ I would have got a lot of clicks, but not the people who are focused and motivated enough to be open to investing in their business.

How To Build Your List There are many ways to do this, and here are three you can start to use immediately:

1 Articles Writing and submitting articles to other eZines and offline magazines is a very powerful way to build your list and a fast way to promote your business in the resource box at the end. For example: “Neil Stafford is Editor and Publisher of the Caribbean Adventure Journal – Your key to unlocking the secret unspoilt hideaways in the Caribbean – subscribe to the Caribbean Adventure Journal eZine today” Click here………

You only need to write 500 to 750 words on your niche that is informative, entertaining and useful to the reader. Do that and it will get published, but remember it’s not an advert. Keep promotion to the resource box otherwise your article won’t get accepted.

2 Pop Up Box On Your Website They generate strong feelings, but whether you use a pop box that appears when a visitor either enters or leaves your site you NEED one to grow your list. The pop up can be a simple form that invites you to leave your name and email address but the results will be greater if you have a dynamic pop up that can’t be blocked. When people have to take an action, they are more likely to really want the information you are offering. Just clicking ‘ok’ means you will get more names, but also more curiosity and ‘freebie’ seekers so you have to decide on the balance.

3 Pay Per Click By using the PPC search engines such as Google’s Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing you can drive targeted traffic to your website. PPC is an ideal way to build your list quickly, but you need to understand the basics of cost per sale and conversion rates. I suggest you spend time researching it and a great start is Perry Marshall’s free 5 Day Course which you get by searching for Adwords on Google.

How to Manage Your List Automation is key here, so put a process in place at the beginning to automatically add and delete subscribers and send out emails and mini courses to your list. Again there are options, so do your research and cost comparison, but ones I use and highly recommend are Aweber and Shopping cart.

Last word These are the the basic principles you need to follow for building and managing your own customer list. Just put them into practice and see your list grow.

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