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October 2, 2009

How-To Videos Convert Viewers Into Buyers

One of the fastest growing areas of website marketing is the ‘how-to’ video business sector. With the epidemic of layoffs, plant closings, and cost cutting, the growth of how-to-material covering everything from how to start a business, to how to improve a business, to how to survive bankruptcy, is assured. No matter what the subject matter, how-to-do-it-better is in demand, and it’s big business.

The desire to be the best you can be is one of our innate needs, but the shear volume of demand seems to be the result of rapid and fundamental changes in technology, the economy, and society. This has led to a massive inferiority complex resulting from an, improve or perish, mentality delivered by a constant barrage of information, metrics, and analysis.

The Web is an ideal environment for using a video how-to-sales-strategy to increase site conversions but as always, the devil is in the details; you need to understand the underlying desire in order to make the strategy work. Whether your approach to sales is to sell-by-teaching or, what you sell is teaching, the fact is, the way you do it is what will make or break you.

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