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October 7, 2009

How to Write Short Articles Fast – The Right Way

I have always tended to stay away from writing short 400 to 500 word articles. But now I’m seeing that there are some perks to writing short, snappy, get to the point fast articles.

The Perks of Writing a Shorter Article

  • Writing shorter articles can help you get out of a writing slump faster
  • Shorter articles make it easier for a reader to glean information from them and then go directly to your website for more.
  • Shorter articles force you to mercilessly edit your content and trim superfluous words.
  • Shorter articles can be written fast especially if you’re using my Instant Article Writing Templates at

Now, there is definitely a right and wrong way to write a short article.

Do it correctly, and you’ll have a quality article that readers and publishers appreciate even though it’s shorter.

Do it incorrectly, and the article will look like it was created with the sole intention of gaining a back-link. This is not the way to win the hearts of publishers or readers.

So, what is the RIGHT way to write a shorter article?

The RIGHT Way to Write a Shorter Article

1. Use a word count limit.

For a ‘short and snappy’ article, think 400-500 words.

2. Stay focused.

When writing articles, most article marketers wind up going in a tangent. There are times that I have to stop myself and focus on “what is the main thing that I want to get across to my readers today.” I then start cutting anything outside those boundaries.

3. Think of your article as an appetizer, and your website is the main course.

Yes, you want to wow your readers with great information. But, you also want to leave them wanting more. Do NOT feel the urge to give away all of your secrets.

If you give a reader a tasting of information that appeals to them, then they will be more likely to seek out more info from you by clicking your website link in the bio box

4. Use article writing templates. You want to model proven article writing formats, such as those found in my Instant Article Writing Templates Kit. These templates will help you provide organization and structure to your articles. You can get 3 of my favorite article writing templates at

5. Edit ruthlessly.

With my shorter articles, I’m less conversational and more “just the facts, ma’am.” I trim any sentences/phrases/words that re-state what I’ve already covered..

I watch my word choice closely and challenge myself to get my point across in fewer words.

6. Be sure you have meat.

Remember, short does not mean frivolous. When you write shorter articles it means that the article is more hard hitting and to the point.

Follow these tips and you will write short, yet powerful, high-value, informational articles that will entice readers to want more information from you.

Now, do you want more information from me?

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