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October 15, 2009

The Importance of a Membership Site Sales Page

In essence, a sales page is an online document designed to generate sales, to convince your potential customer that you can provide the best product or service for their immediate needs.

In one sense, your sales page can be thought of as your opening pitch. If done correctly, it can make visitors to your membership site want to learn more…to seek out the information that you can provide. It can subtly influence a person to take a specific action by making an offer to them. Targeting the right audience and being specific in what you offer is the most effective way to use a sales page.

It should be realized, however, that even the best sales page only does a part of the job of retaining members for your membership site. This sales tool can only wet their appetite for what you have to offer; it’s up to you to convince them that the quality of the site lives up to their expectation. One method is to provide support content by listing testimonials on your sales page from present members that show exactly what the potential is for their success.

Now that you know what a great sales page can offer your membership site, it is important to know how to write an effective one. The first step is to research your product. After all, you’re the one that designed the site. But if you think about it, even you might not know all the potential advantages or pitfalls of the site, especially if you’re following the lead of someone who has gone before. So, ask questions and do some Internet searches on the nature of your membership site. The more you know, the more targeted and effective your sales page will be and the quicker you will grow.

Learning about your audience is the next step. Any successful writer will tell you that half the battle is learning how the mind of your targeted audience works. Does your membership site target stay at home moms? Or is it designed for the young entrepreneur? Depending on who you want to attract, you should write your sales letter in such a way that the targeted audience can easily relate.

Finally, it is important to remember that the whole purpose of a sales page is to make sure the client knows the benefits of your membership site. What a potential buyer will gain from the features of your particular membership site is a benefit. For example, if your site offers a feature such as available online chat with an expert, the benefit would be expert knowledge offered in real time or immediate satisfaction. It is important that your sales page reflect this and what it can mean to potential members.

A sales page is one of the most important elements for the success of any membership site. It is, most likely, one of the first things your potential members will read before they decide to join. Taking the time to construct the right sales page for your membership site could mean the difference between growing your business or staying stagnant.

Kathy Dobson is a free spirited entrepreneur and business owner committed to helping individuals discover personal and financial freedom through membership sites and Internet marketing. If you would like to learn more about setting up a membership site, visit and sign up for my mini-course on membership sites: