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October 21, 2009

Write Quality Articles Faster with Batch Processing

Article Marketing can be extremely rewarding to anyone who consistently submits quality articles over the long term. The most challenging part of Article Marketing is getting the articles written, but there are many things you can do to make the writing process easier.

Do you want to write your articles faster and more efficiently and capitalize on a momentum of creativity? If so, then I encourage you to try batch processing.

Batch processing is a productivity technique where you deal with several of the same type of task at one sitting, rather than doing one isolated task at a time. A great example of batch processing would be emails:

Scenario #1: You can either handle each email one at a time as it comes in, which would cause your workday to be interrupted every few minutes. Or…

Scenario #2: You can check your email only at designated times, say once in the morning and once in the afternoon, and at those scheduled email checking times deal with many emails at one sitting. This would free up your attention throughout the rest of your workday, and also allow you to process the emails faster because you’re doing several at one sitting, rather than one here and one there.

Scenario #2 is batch processing–you save time by doing several of the same task at one time. It works with email, and it also works with articles!


For articles, batch processing in involves writing multiple articles at one sitting. So, rather than sitting down 8 separate times to write 8 different articles, you might have 2 scheduled writing times a month, and at each writing time you would write 4 articles.

Writing articles successively allows your mind to get into a writing groove, and helps build creative momentum. After you get used to batch processing articles, you should be writing each article faster, accomplishing more writing in less time.

Also, a major part of writing an article is the warm-up–when you sit down to write it takes a while for your mind to get into ‘writing mode’. When you write articles in batches, you eliminate much of this warm-up time. If you’re writing one article at a time, your mind needs to warm up each time you sit down to write, but if you’re writing in batches, your mind only needs to warm up before the first article–the other articles don’t need a warm up time because your mind is on a roll.


  1. Determine which days you’ll be writing. If you’re submitting 8 articles a month, then you’ll only need to schedule a couple writing days!
  2. Schedule a block of time to focus on writing–4 hours or so.
  3. Eliminate online distractions–turn off email, twitter, IMs and the like. You will need your full concentration for your writing session.
  4. Brainstorm article topics before your writing session, then use the ideas you’ve generated to write your articles.
  5. It may help to first create an informal outline for each article–jot down the major points you’d like to cover, and then flesh out the details.
  6. Set a word count limit. Aim for 400-600 word articles, or at the longer end maybe 600-800 word articles. Setting word count limits puts boundaries on your article so that you’re not spending all 4 hours writing one really long article!


  • One research session can result in several articles.
  • If you get on a roll in one article and find that you actually have enough content for 2 or 3 articles, you can write the other articles while your mind is still on that topic.
  • Writing one article often spawns ideas for other articles–this is creative momentum at work.
  • Eliminate procrastination: It’s easier to get yourself to your writing desk one time to write four articles than four times to write one article.
  • And not to mention, it is very gratifying to get a major chunk of your writing out of the way in one day! This takes a lot of stress out of the need to write articles every month–you have your scheduled writing days, and you know you will be writing several on each day to meet your goals.


  • Try batch processing your articles this month.
  • Set a goal of getting 4 articles written in one writing session.

Will you try this? I think you will find that this productivity technique helps you write quality article faster and more consistently and eliminates a lot of writing stress from your life!

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