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November 16, 2009

Marketing 101 – Getting The Basics Right

Before becoming an Internet Marketer, I was in the financial services business. When I gave it up to go online full time people were doubtful I wouild succeed, but today with people’s jobs being less and less secure, it is becoming an attractive option for many more people.

One thing you must master to be successful is the marketing side of the business, so let’s have a look at some of the basics. These are the things that are so obvious we can take them for granted so make sure you pay these 6 key elements real attention.

#1 You should always make an offer. Never fail to make a specific offer or multiple offers and it is essential that you also make it crystal clear what the call to action is. I see so much poor advertising, and the number 1 reason why it’s poor is that it doesn’t instruct the viewer/reader/listener clearly and explicitly on what they should do and how to do it. Simply having your hours of business and a phone number is not enough.

You’ve got to tell your customers what to do and the call to action has got to very clear, not vague. For example: “Pick up the phone now, dial 0800 023 1234 and ask for Karen to reserve your updated & enhanced Membership Sites & Continuity Programmes system. SYSTEMS ARE LIMITED so act now and get guaranteed delivery. Systems will be shipped on a first come, first served basis on October 16th. Phone now 0800 023 1234 -. don’t miss out!”

#2 Build an appealing offer. Great advertising guru David Ogilvy once said that you cannot bore someone into buying. Sadly, most offers are very unexciting and in many instances just plain dull.

You’ve got to excite your prospect about everything they’re going to receive so they then inspired to rush, RUSH to respond.

#3 Restate what’s included in the offer. When you present the offer make sure you continually restate what’s included because by repeating your offer 3 times it will get embedded into their conscious mind.

For instance: “So when you reserve your system now, you’ll receive…” You really cannot overstate this because it’s only by continually telling them (including the benefits that they’ll experience) will they get what the offer is.

In your sales copy… remember this three phase technique. ‘Tell them, tell them and then tell them again.’

#4 Make sure there is a deadline that makes your prospects act now. Direct response marketing is all geared towards getting an immediate response. This is ab out taking action NOW, not some time in the future. The task is to get maximise sales, not build your brand. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is PR, it’s not it’s about selling so make sure you have a real deadline in your copy.

#5 Including a scarcity element in your offer will almost guarantee action. People don’t want to miss out, whether it’s the last sausage on the barbeque or a final offer on a produce. As long as the scarcity element and your deadline are believable people will be impelled to act. You must communicate your deadline and scarcity clearly and get the prospect to believe it. One way is to have countdown clocks or a date stamp saying order by 12pm today and get (whatever your offer is) so they can clearly see what the deadline is and respond to it.

# 6 Use incentives, gifts and bonuses. Relevant or irrelevant, one gift, multiple gifts, specific or choice based you will find that any of these are good to bump up your response rates.

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