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December 10, 2009

How To Use Viral Marketing In A Powerful Way!

Did you know that you can create viral marketing campaigns completely from scratch with tiny amounts to invest?

Yes, that’s correct, you don’t need to buy expensive advertising to be effective online and locally.

The thing is, how do you do it?

Well, the number one way to market is via word of mouth, or online it’s more commonly known as viral marketing.

I know it almost sounds grimmy and deadly, but viral marketing has been developed from the concept of viruses and how they spread so rampantly and quite often “unknown” about until it’s too late for the host to do anything about it.

Online, the principal is the same, you can silently ride the wave of modern trends and become extremely well known in a very short period of time, if you find the right hosts to spread your virus.

So, what does an effective viral marketing campaign consist of?

1. Innovation

In almost every instance viral campaigns have had a very unique twist about them, which has given them the “talkability factor” amongst it’s hosts who carry the virus and spread it on.

You can create innovation in products and services by breaking rules of the norm, using brand new technology and methodologies, change the marketplace in a way that no-one has ever seen before, invent or uncover an area that has previously not been identified.

2. Controversial

You need something that is very newsworthy and that often requires a great deal of controversy and opposition in the beginning, as that’s what turns an idea viral in the first place.

So the question to ask yourself is, does your new offering create anger, embarrasment, hostility, over eagerness, or some form of intense, unusual behaviour?

If not, most often you won’t see your campaign won’t be as viral and the originator won’t be able to forward it on with enough power to create an outbreak.

3. Secretive

There always seems to be a shroud of mystery around viral type news, products and services.

They also seem to be “out of reach” for a lot of people initially, and that also builds anticipation for those waiting to host the virus.


One of the most popular and responsive words in the world of internet marketing business is the word “Free!”

It’s used on almost every information capturing page to entice people to sign up for their newsletter and informational series, which are quite often free also.

If per chance you can’t offer a freebie, then you need to brainstorm what you can offer, that is valuable and in need from your prospects. People won’t become followers of your message if you offer sub-standard information.

5. Transferrable

The viral marketing campaign needs to have very simple and easy ways to spread.

For example, phone ringtones…

When you download a good ringtone, you load it into your phone and others hear it when it rings. If others like it and you and they have bluetooth compatible phones, it’s a snap to send it to your friend.

This is what I mean by transferrable, they have to be easily spread from host to host for the virus to grow quickly.

6. Expansive

The virus must be able to expand and scale from small to large in a very fast and aggressive manner.

However, the way that it spreads, has to be completely under the radar, or else competition will catch on its coming and craft an rebuttal for it.

The top viruses have been grown this way, and the powerful effects of a viral business marketing program has on it’s competition, when correctly executed will see your head spin.

7. Adaptable

The most successful viral marketing campaigns are very adaptable and common in their needs from host to host.

So in essence, each host will gather 7 to 10 friends as they cast the idea forward, and a percentage of them will accept it as they pass it forward.

Therefore, a very adaptable idea is easier to spread among hosts, than one that isn’t as easy to get hold of.

If you can take advantage of even some of these principal around viral marketing, then wealth and success will be yours.

Return regularly, because you’re going to learn more about viral marketing campaigns in action.

Adam Price has been a full time internet marketer for over 10 years. His company that he’s created Nett Knowledge was designed to help local businesses get on their feet correctly in the online world. He has posted lots of regular articles at