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December 10, 2009

Improve Your Online Income Business and Leverage Your Time by Outsourcing Your Work

Do you often feel overwhelmed by all the work that needs to be done to run a successful online income business? If this is true for you then don’t for one minute think that you are alone. Visit any internet marketing forum and you will find that one of the hottest topics for discussion is that there never seems to be enough hours in the day to do everything efficiently.

The kind of discussion that seems to arise from this is the question of time management and advice on how to manage time is then a hot topic. Further advice will then follow on the idea of outsourcing some of the work and finding other people who are willing and able to undertake performing some of these tasks for you.

By using freelance specialists and outsourcing some of your tasks you are leveraging your time in a sensible manner. You can find these people who make their living out of doing various internet marketing tasks and will happily undertake to do them as this is how they earn their money.

When you use some of these services you are not only lightening your load, but are also freeing yourself up to work on the tasks that you enjoy doing and that you are good at. Letting someone else undertake those tasks which are difficult for you and therefore take up too much time can be done at very reasonable rates and your online business will certainly benefit from you using these services.

Just one word of warning, you do need to take some precautions before hiring anyone to do the work for you. Below are a few points that you should consider before you sign any agreements.

  • When advertising the job that you need to outsource be sure that you are very clear on what it is that you require. Give exact instructions and a definite time limit on the job, but also be reasonable and don’t set impossible targets.
  • As possible candidates reply to your advertisement you should make sure that you check their profile. If they have not posted any information about themselves they are certainly not very professional and don’t take their freelance roles seriously. Have they posted any sorted of biography or given any information on work that they have done previously?
  • It is well worth your time to do some due diligence on them. Check back and see what they have done previously and if anyone has given them a good testimonial. This can easily be checked out via the feedback service which is available through sites such as
  • Narrow your list of possible prospects down to a short list of those people who you feel can really do the job that is required of them and ask them to provide you with a sample of their work. It might be an idea to set a task for them to complete for you and you can then narrow your list even further. Anyone who does not respond in a reasonable time should be eliminated immediately.
  • Another consideration when looking for outsourcing prospects is price. Although price is important don’t make it your main concern when deciding on whom you will choose. The quality of the work that you require is what you should focus on. The cheapest candidate might possibly not be the best person for you to employ.
  • Remember when choosing a candidate that the person who you consider the best for you may live on the other side of the world. This in itself is not a problem, so long as you take into account the time differences involved and allow for them accordingly.

When you have found the best person for your needs be sure to look after them and treat them well, your online income business depends on it. This is the person who can turn your projects into a reality and could be the biggest cause of your business becoming a great success.

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