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December 18, 2009

Squidoo Lenses – How To Pick Your Name

Squidoo was a term from the 20′ and 30’s I think, and it was a slang phrase for “Get out while the gettin’s good.” Nope… that’s 23 skidoo! My mistake.

So then I looked it up in Wikipedia and this is their words exactly… “Squidoo is a community website that allows users to create pages (called lenses) for subjects of interest. Squidoo is in the top 500 most visited sites in the world, and in the top 300 most viewed in the United States.[1] Squidoo grew 91% in 2008, and had 900,000 handbuilt lenses as of February 1st, 2009.

Wow! 900,000 websites! Just on Squidoo! It boggles the mind.

But here is how it can work for you. This coming from the perspective of an online marketer AND a traffic hog. The more the better…almost, but I’d rather have good quality traffic than just big traffic.

First, when you get to Squidoo, you get a domain name AND a website hosted at that URL. Squids, who are just people who use Squidoo, refer to their their websites as “lenses.” Maybe it comes from being able to view a slice of the world through one of their lenses.

But a FREE domain name and website! And they make it easy.

That clears up a big hurdle that folks who want to earn money online face in the beginning.

One method by which small online marketers get the right people to their sites is by selecting a keyword that they can rank for. The keyword also has to be highly relevant to the content of their site.

So, say you had a good supplier of umbrellas and you wanted to make some affiliate sales for them.

You need a keyword that will let you into the market.

I checked “umbrellas” as a keyword except that the word is too broad and will have high competition and low quality of traffic.

I went to Google this is what I typed in… site: squidoo “umbrellas” and got Results 1 – 9 of about 11,700 for site: squidoo “umbrellas”. Way too broad! Plus I can’t compete! Good grief! There are 11,000 “umbrella” squidoo competitors. Give or take a thousand.

Why is that so important? Well, it’s more important than it would be if you had a free standing, self hosted site simply because Google will only show ONE Squidoo result most times and occasionally two on a page of ten search results.

So I went to Google this is what I typed in… site: squidoo “rain umbrellas” and got Results 1 – 10 of about 101 for site: squidoo “rain umbrellas”. Wow!

That’s a fine example of a “low competition” keyword. That’s just may way of saying not too much competition.

Now, go get a Squidoo site with rain-umbrellas first in the domain name and you are ready to to go. IF you have an umbrella supplier.

Now, go ahead and fill your site with all things rain umbrellas and do what it takes to get indexed by Google. This is imprtant because if you are not indexed Google WON”T show your site!

So what does all this show us?

It shows you where to get a website and domain name free.

It shows you how to pick a Squidoo lens domain name so that you will have a really good shot at Google showing YOUR offer up on Page One.

Page One on Google translates into traffic.

I think you can take it from here fairly easily.

Riley West – Squidoo Lenses can easily get traffic to your offers! And it’s quality traffic too. Use the information in this article AND in the FREE EBOOK at Make Money With Squidoo. Start now, get some commissions coming in. You can do this!