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January 5, 2010

Each Customer Is Unique

Every successful copywriter is familiar with the Internet acronym “WIIFM.” This acronym stands for “What’s In It For Me” and is the first position your customer will take when reading your sales copy.

Your customer may believe they are purchasing something based on need, but in reality, they are buying a “feeling.” The feeling that ownership gives them. This is a 100% emotional act.

Being friendly and honest in your sales letter is only the beginning to keeping your customer’s interest. And, although you can address the “WIIFM” with a clear list of benefits for buying, the tone of your sales page must also deliver the same message.

Writing a successful sales page is not difficult if you treat it as though you are writing to one person…not to a crowd of strangers. The tone and feel of your sales copy must make your customers feel as though they are part of your business. This is not difficult if you treat them as though you were talking to a close friend.

Never write your copy as though you were talking “at” someone. That’s a sure fire way to loose your prospective customer early on. You must talk “to” your customer. You must be personal and make them feel special.

Pay attention to any sales copy that stimulates you into buying. That’s the easiest way to become adept at writing great sales copy. What is their approach? Start noticing the tone used on the websites that you frequent…including your competition. Pay attention to the ones that make you consider buying a product or any that keep your attention long enough to read the entire page.

What emotional appeal does their sales copy stimulate in you? That’s what you are looking for. Determine what was said by reading the sales page over a few times…what emotional trigger was used to tempt you to buy. Whether you buy or not is irrelevant…it is enough that you were tempted.

In order to deliver a passionate response from your customers, your marketing copy needs specific attention to every word and every sentence. Allowing your personality to show through is a large part of this process. Note your own reaction to sales pages that are cold and impersonal.

Infuse your personality into your sales page. It is not difficult to be friendly and passionate when writing riveting sales copy. Remember, selling and buying is an emotional act and must be treated as such.

Should your sales copy or emails concern solutions to problems, you can make your sales copy personal by admitting that you have experienced a similar problem many times. Reveal how you handled the situation, add details about the problem and how it affected your life or business.

Never be afraid to admit failure, frustration or any self doubt you may have experienced. Admitting these things will only make your more human and approachable by your audience.

When you open up on a personal level, your customer starts bonding with you and that creates loyalty and a sense of belonging. Don’t be afraid to explain how your product or service solved your problem or made your life easier. Rather than just listing benefits, present them as tools that will make your customers life easier, fulfill a need they have or solve a problem.

Whatever you do, never emulate those late night TV commercials. High pressure may work in that environment, but it is death to an online marketer.

Keep it real, write as though you are speaking to one individual…make it personal, address a need and you will experience success.

Kathy Dobson is a free spirited business owner and entrepreneur dedicated to helping others achieve financial and personal freedom through Internet marketing with an emphasis on membership sites.
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