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January 7, 2010

How Keyword Ranking Can Make You Money

There are millions of things searched for on Google and the search terms, the keywords, the keyword phrases, etc. are what they use to search for information and things. What you want is to know what your searcher is looking for make that work to find you!

How do you do that? It’s not nearly as hard as you think, and it’s the way all the masters get their pages to the top for their selected keywords.

Here’s the way anyone can rank for a certain keywords at the top of Google. And why do you want to do that?

  • Traffic!
  • Targeted traffic!
  • Money Making traffic! The traffic YOU want!

If the person types in “red umbrellas” and you have a good offer for red umbrellas then you want them to find you right at the top of the Google organic listings…FREE!

Free targeted traffic …it really doesn’t get any better than that.

So, here’s the plan. You have picked a keyword. Now you set out to get put at the top of Google Page One for that term.

  • First – Put the keyword in your domain name! Or, at least do it this way…http;//
  • Second – Put a bunch of relevant content on your page with the keyword in it several times but not over 1%.
  • Third – Now that that page is up, you can write an article describing the benefits of the offer on that page while using your “keyword” in the Title and Body of the article.

Fourth – This is the “coup de gras” as the French like to put it or “the biggie” as Americans are fond of saying. You write an authors resource box that asks the reader to click back to your offer for more information and the clickback (not Clickbank) hyperlinks have to look just like this example… “For the best in [rain umbrellas] selection and accessories go to my page on [rain unmbrella] (I use the singular and the plural) and NOW you have what Google wants to see. Keyword links back to YOUR site!

Getting ranked for a keyword is largely a popularity contest. The more “rain umbrella” text links pointing to your “rain umbrella” page that has your “rain umbrella” offer on it, the higher goes your ranking. One day you’ll write that last article who’s text link pushes you to the top.

One way to get a lot of the anchor text backlinks you need for Google to see fit to put your offer page at the top of Page One is to write an article and put those text links in your resource box. Everybody does this. It works.

Still, if you only submit one article to one place you are going to get only one backlink or maybe two if you go for two different keywords.

I like to write one article and get dozens to hundreds of backlinks. So would you!

And before I go off topic too far, let me suggest that you look into one of these “mass submission” article outfits. It’s what I use and I have thousands of links going all over and growing.

Even better than that is the fact that I’m on page one for some of my terms and I’m picking up more and more targeted Google traffic all the time.

This is something that works and it’s something you can do!

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